December 28, 2018
WWE Spoilers: Results For Next Week's 'Main Event' Episode

Right now, the WWE is taping the New Year's Eve episode of Monday Night Raw, and as the company usually does, it taped Main Event right before the big show. While Main Event isn't the most watched show in terms of what the WWE puts out each week, it's always interesting to see which performers end up appearing on the show. They tend to be the wrestlers the WWE doesn't see in the highest regard.

Thanks to a report from Wrestling Inc, we know exactly who competed on Main Event this week, and who won and lost their matches.

The first match on the card saw Titus O'Neil defeat Curt Hawkins. According to the fan reports, O'Neil hit some big chops on Hawkins before winning the match with a Clash of the Titus. This result makes sense, as the WWE seems to be keeping the Curt Hawkins losing streak gimmick going for the time being.

The other match that'll air on Main Event next week saw The Revival take on Tyler Breeze and Zack Ryder in what has been described as a very entertaining match. As one might expect, The Revival picked up the win with The Shatter Machine, but it sounds like all four competitors got over with the crowd for the match.

It's a little surprising to see The Revival appear on Main Event, as they're the current No. 1 contender for the Raw Tag Team Championships, having won a big four-way match on Raw two weeks ago. Logically, it would seem that the team would be above working on Main Event, but perhaps they'll still make an appearance on Raw later.

Interestingly, Zach Rider actually tweeted today that he hasn't had a single match on Monday Night Raw in all of 2018. He mentioned that there's only one episode of Raw left for him to compete on. However, the fact that he wrestled on Main Event makes it unlikely that he'll get a chance to step in the ring on Monday Night Raw.

WWE Main Event airs on Hulu Plus every Wednesday. It also appears on the WWE Network 18 days after it originally broadcasts because of rules set in place by Sky Sports' first run syndication rights.

The current commentators for WWE Main Event are Percy Watson and Tom Phillips, which brings a slightly different commentary feel from Monday Night Raw, the show on which the Main Event competitors normally compete.