Kris Jenner’s Parenting Skills Allegedly Slammed By ‘Cosby Show’ Star

Kris Jenner is allegedly not scoring any parenting points with Claire Huxtable. Phylicia Rashad, played one of America’s favorite TV moms on the Cosby Show. Rashad is most definitely not a fan of the reality show mom, if an insider’s statements are accurate.

Phylicia Rashad allegedly feels that Kris Jenner is symbolic of all that is vulgar and shallow in Hollywood. There is shallowness in Tinsel Town – who knew? Claire Huxtable was the epitome of the modern mom. She was an attorney who seemed to have it all. During the incredibly popular Cosby Show, Claire and Bill Cosby’s character balanced work, parenting, and a loving relationship.

The modernized Leave it to Beaver concept might have not been reality, but many non-scripted television shows are hardly based in the real world either. The Cosby Show focused on teaching children moral lessons in a firm yet humorous way. Who can forget the scene where the entire family dressed up and sang as they swayed in unison down the stairs? Little Rudy belting “Baaaaby” at the top of her lungs was one of the cutest moments filmed for television in the 1980s.

Excerpts from an upcoming Enquirer article about Phylicia Rashad’s alleged condemnation of Kris Jenner, published by Radar Online, boast a very disapproving tone. Jenner supposedly pushed her offspring into the limelight and allegedly encouraged Kim Kardashian to do a Playboy spread.

In 2004, Claire Huxtable was voted the “TV mom closes to your own mom in spirit” in a poll conducted by the Opinion Research Corporation. Phylicia Rashad graduated from Howard University and taught drama at the college, IMDb notes.

Do you think Kris Jennere is shallow or a bad momma?

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