December 28, 2018
WWE News: Roman Reigns Dominates WWE's Most Disliked YouTube Videos

If there's one thing the WWE likes to talk about, it's the company's social media presence. It loves to hype up its Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube followings.

It's with that in mind that Forbes dug into WWE's YouTube channel to find out which videos released by the company drew the most ire from fans. The list features the ten most disliked videos that the WWE posted this year.

A video featuring Roman Reigns and Bobby Lashley battling for an opportunity at SummerSlam is the most disliked by a massive margin. It has a total of 42,000 dislikes on the video sharing platform, which towers over the second most disliked video, which has 19,000 dislikes.

Aside from the raw number of dislikes, another interesting stat is what percentage of interactions are dislikes. In this case, the video has 37,000 likes, which means it has a dislike percentage of 53.2 percent. Only a few of the top ten disliked videos feature more than 50 percent dislikes, so this is no small feat.

The second video on the list features Roman Reigns, but it's mainly focused on Brock Lesnar, as it shows him ambushing Reigns in a brutal attack.

Last year, the most disliked video came in with 35,000 dislikes. That was Roman Reigns' "This is my yard" promo, which definitely didn't resonate with fans. It was addressing his defeat of The Undertaker, who is one of the most beloved characters in wrestling history.

The full list from Forbes reads as follows.

  1. "Roman Reigns and Bobby Lashley Battle for SummerSlam Opportunity" -- WWE Raw: July 24, 2018 42,000 dislikes, 53.2% dislike percentage (via YouTube).
  2. "Roman Reigns is Brutally Ambushed by Brock Lesnar" -- WWE Raw: March 19, 2018 19,000 dislikes, 16.2% dislike percentage (via YouTube).
  3. "Braun Strowman Demolishes a TV Production Truck" -- WWE Raw: January 15, 2018 17,000 dislikes, 11.9% dislike percentage (via YouTube).
  4. "Brock Lesnar Decimates Braun Strowman with Repeated F5s" -- WWE Crown Jewel 2018 14,000 dislikes, 51.9% dislike percentage (via YouTube).
  5. "Ronda Rousey is Suspended After Launching an Attack" -- WWE Raw: June 18, 2018 13,000 dislikes, 7.0% dislike percentage (via YouTube).
  6. "Roman Reigns Unleashes on Brock Lesnar Before WrestleMania" -- WWE Raw: April 2, 2018 12,000 dislikes, 7.95% dislike percentage (via YouTube).
  7. "Paul Heyman and Brock Lesnar Ambush Roman Reigns" -- WWE Raw: August 13, 2018 12,000 dislikes, 16.4% dislike percentage (via YouTube).
  8. "Shane McMahon Replaces The Miz in World Cup Finals Match Against Dolph Ziggler" -- WWE Crown Jewel 2018 11,000 dislikes, 55.8% dislike percentage (via YouTube).
  9. "Ronda Rousey vs. Nikki Bella—Full Match" -- WWE Evolution 2018 9,500 dislikes, 8.75% dislike percentage (via YouTube).
  10. "The Shield Are Brutalized in Massive Ambush" -- WWE Raw: September 3, 2018 9,200 dislikes, 17.3% dislike percentage (via YouTube).
Based on the list, it seems clear that fans weren't happy to see Roman Reigns beat Bobby Lashley -- and it should be noted that these dislikes would have occurred before Roman Reigns revealed his Leukemia diagnosis. Fans also didn't enjoy seeing Brock Lesnar destroy fan-favorite Braun Strowman, nor did they like the illogical move of having Shane McMahon step in for Miz -- for a tournament in which he didn't actually compete.