Adele v Chris Brown? Actually No, Brit Singer Denies Yelling At Grammys

Adele categorically denies "yelling" at Chris Brown at the Grammys on February 10

That picture of Brit singer Adele apparently “yelling” at Chris Brown at the 55th Annual Grammy Awards on Sunday was just one of the screen grabs from the event that went viral. But in the case of Adele and Brown, it was all a huge misunderstanding.

To recap, after Brown remained seated while most of the Staples Center’s audience gave Frank Ocean a standing ovation when he won a grammy for Best Urban Contemporary Album — a category Brown was also nominated in — Adele was seen giving Brown a sideways look.

A little later during CBS’s Grammy telecast, Brown was seen wearing a sheepish expression as Adele clearly said something to him.

Throw in the recent studio parking lot altercation between Ocean and Brown and the Internet doing what it does best — and, predictably — photo assumptions were made that Adele was taking Brown to task for not standing up for Ocean.

Now, Adele has addressed those assumptions on Twitter.

Posting a simple message, she denied yelling at Brown, writing:

“Chris Brown and I were complimenting each other in that photo actually!”

For those keeping up with this story Brown was pictured in a smiling picture a little after the so-called “yelling picture,” but for some reason that picture didn’t make it into quite as many outlets as the seemingly confrontational one.

Adele And Chris Brown All Smiles At The Garmmys

Selective editorializing? Almost certainly. It’s clearly evidenced in the clip below.

But, thanks to Adele, who’s never been one to mince her words or let others put words into her mouth, the false photo assumption has been cleared up.

Adele won the Grammy for Best Pop Solo Performance for “Set The Rain On Fire [Live],” from her 2011 concert at London’s Royal Albert Hall. The singer, who is still only 24, is also up for an Oscar for her James Bond Theme “Skyfall.”