December 28, 2018
Princess Diana & Prince Charles' Marriage Fell Apart At This Very Public Event

Prince Charles and Princess Diana's marriage was viewed to have fallen apart at this very public event reveals a new report by Express, who noted a resurfaced interview with royal photographer Arthur Edwards.

Edwards, who had photographed the royal family for 44 years, noticed something was wrong between Diana and Charles during a royal visit to Korea.

He was sent to the country to take photos of the married twosome and noticed they were "distant," reported Express. He described how "miserable" Diana and Charles appeared, and how "no one was surprised" when the pair had officially filed for a divorce one month after the trip was over.

Speaking to Yahoo's The Royal Box, per Express, he said, "It was only when we went to Korea, the last tour when you knew it was all over then because they couldn't bear to be in each other's company. It was so miserable."

He noted that even other photographers noted the couple had fallen out of love with one another. The quietly whispered name of the royal excursion between those who were covering the event? The "Glums' tour."

Edwards stated, "The tour was called the Glums' tour, and that was so miserable."

"And a month later the Prime Minister announced their separation to the House of Commons, and I suppose no one was then surprised, we watched them in Korea," he shared.

Edwards recalled how Diana and Charles showed "earlier signs" their marriage was soon ending.

Speaking to Yahoo's Royal Box, he said, "There were signs earlier when we were in India when he went to kiss her at the polo match and she turned her head."

Earlier that year, there were also some deep signs the couple was drifting further and further apart as they toured India in 1992.

Diana was famously photographed in front of the Taj Mahal on her own and people commented on how "lonely" she looked in the photos, blaming Charles for the princess's unhappiness.

"Everybody suspected it was Charles not wanting to be there to be photographed with Diana, we [the photographers] knew two weeks before that that he wasn't going, we were told that. And we ran it in the paper," Edwards explained.

"Charles was not going to be at the Taj Mahal because he was going off with some British businessman to Bangalore where there was going to be a lot of business contracts signed, and he was going to support them. So, he was never going there," shared the royal photographer.

In December 1992 just one month after the ill-fated Korea trip, then-British Prime Minister John Major announced the Prince and Princess of Wales were separating. It took four years for the couple to officially divorce and to work out the logistics of parenting sons Prince William and Prince Harry.

Just one year after their divorce was finalized, Princess Diana died on August 31, 1997, in a tragic car crash in Paris alongside boyfriend Dodi Fayed.