December 28, 2018
Iggy Azalea Explains Why She Kept Singing While Her Backup Dancer Suffered From A Seizure

Rapper Iggy Azalea had a terrifying experience on stage this week, when the Daily Mail reported that one of her back up dancers suffered a seizure during a concert.

The incident happened on Thursday, December 27, while the Australian musician was putting on a show in Brazil. During her performance of her hit song "Black Widow," one of her three back up dancers dropped to the ground, having suffered a seizure. Iggy later told her fans via her Instagram account that the medical emergency was because of the light and heat.

Iggy initially didn't notice what was going on behind her, but upon turning around realized something severe was happening. She turned back to her audience to request a medic for the dancer before continuing the song for another 20 seconds until the music was finally cut off as medical staff took over the stage. The dancer was the taken to the hospital.

Following the incident, the "Fancy" singer took to her Instagram account to share with her 12.8 million followers via her Instagram story that her dancer was doing much better.

Unfortunately, the update wasn't enough for some fans, who took to social media to air their grievances over Iggy's decision to continue her performance while one of her dancers was suffering a serious medical emergency on the stage behind her.

"What a horrible person it was probably the lights that caused her seizure but still to keep singing is tacky," wrote a user on Twitter.
"I have never seen a performer look dead at someone who clearly needs serious medical attention and...keep going," said another user. "She didn't even stop the song so they could make sure the medic was actually present/get that poor girl off stage. yuck, what a gross person!"

Iggy later penned another post to her Instagram story to explain to her followers why she handled the situation the way she did, explaining that she did not realize the severity of what was going on and thought her dancer had only fallen or twisted her ankle.

"It may sound harsh but you keep singing until the music stops & ask for a medic which is what I did," she wrote in her defense.

"We are all really shaken up by what happened & just thankful she is okay," Iggy continued.

The rapper ended her statement by requesting that a scary event like someone having a seizure is nothing to poke fun of, calling out some of the memes that have circulated social media making fun of what happen.

"I hope my fans do not repost some of the memes i'm seeing about my dancer," she said.