‘The Young And The Restless’ Spoilers: Victoria And Cane’s Shocking Kiss

Cliff LipsonCBS

Unexpected new The Young and the Restless spoilers reveal that sometimes the biggest enemies can make for unexpected bedfellows. Victoria and Cane get into an argument, and things end in a shocking manner.

When Victoria (Amelia Heinle) learns that Reed (Tristan Lake Leabu) is the one who hit Nikki (Melody Thomas Scott), she rushes to Cane’s (Daniel Goddard) to blame Charlie (Noah Alexander Gerry). After all, if Charlie hadn’t been drinking, then Reed never would have felt it necessary to get behind the wheel and drive on that fateful night. The Inquisitr spoilers reveal that Nate (Brooks Darnell) and Nick (Joshua Morrow) help Victor (Eric Braeden) kidnap Nikki from the hospital, but things may not go smoothly, and obviously, Victoria is worried about her mother as well as her son.

Goddard spoke to Soap Opera Digest about the situation with the teens, and the strange turn things take with Victoria and Cane. He revealed that Cane not only had no clue that Reed had driven Charlie’s car, but also did not realize that they hit Nikki. At first, Victoria does not believe him, but even after Cane convinces her, Victoria rushes to blame Charlie. However, Cane is not about to let another family member go down over a car accident, and he refuses to allow Vicky to blame his son.

At that, Victoria goes off on Cane. According to Goddard, “Victoria calls Cane weak and cowardly. She’s very condescending and demeaning toward him, but that’s the thing, he doesn’t need her as a boss. He can basically tell her, ‘well you’re not going to come into my house and talk to me like that,’ and he does.”

After hearing the nasty things Victoria says about him, Cane doesn’t hold back. He flat out calls out Victoria on her crap. He tells the Newman heiress all the reasons she cannot keep a man, and it shocks Victoria to her core.

Goddard revealed, “Cane may be the first man that’s called her out on her stuff in a while, and that forces her to look introspective at herself. At that moment, she’s feeling very emotional and vulnerable, and she explodes!”

Strangely, a furious Victoria responds in an incredibly unexpected way! She kisses Cane passionately, and he responds by returning the favor. Of course, they both come to their senses quickly. Cane is married to Lily (Christel Khalil) who is in jail. Plus, Victoria is exploring a strong reconnection with Billy (Jason Thompson). Not to mention the fact that Victoria and Cane basically despise each other.

When they pull back, Goddard said, “they’re wondering, ‘what was that and why did that happen?’ They both say it’ll never happen again, and Cane and implores Victoria to never speak of it and she agrees.”

This entire situation is entirely out of left field, but it looks like despite how determined they are to pretend the kiss never happened, both Victoria and Cane may find it harder than they’d imagine to stay away from each other.