Rihanna Pens A Touching Memorial To A Fan That Passed Away From Cancer

Jacopo RauleGetty Images

Rihanna paid a beautiful tribute to one of her fans on Instagram after she lost her battle with cancer, according to E!.

The singer is known for being tight with her “Navy.” She’ll even message them privately to discuss their lives and offer advice when they reach out to her on social media. So when she found out that a fan name Monia had passed away, she wrote a heartfelt dedication and posted video and photos of the two on her social media page.

Monia had battled cancer twice and recently found out that it had returned for a third time, Rihanna said on an Instagram post showing the two smiling for the camera at an event in London.

“Navy Angels! This Christmas, we lost a beautiful spirit who was such a pillar of strength to us! Most of our friendship she’s spent in a hospital or doctor’s office! This picture was just a few months ago, she looked at me and said ‘Rih the cancer is back’ I’ll never forget the fear in her eyes this day!” the beauty mogul wrote. “Still she pushed forward, fighting the fight everyday with the Navy behind her supporting her every step of the way! We are all heartbroken about this!!! You will never be forgotten! Love you my angel @moniasto fly in peace.”

In a second social media post, Rihanna put a video of the two speaking and hugging as Monia cries and laughs with the singer. She also posted several images of Monia on her Stories, calling her a “Navy angel.”

Earlier this month, Rihanna had also popped up on Instagram to send Monia some love and encouragement during her cancer journey after the fan posted an image of herself during treatment.

Rihanna thanked Monia for sharing her journey and sympathized with the amount of fear and loneliness that she must be experiencing. The lingerie designer told her that she and her Navy were there for her and encouraged other fans to offer their own support.

Monia replied to Rihanna that her comment had come just when she needed it most and thanked everyone for being there.

Monia has been a fan of Rihanna for years. In 2015, she met the singer in New York City. It was around that time that she learned she had cancer and began treatment. Two years later, Rihanna started following Monia on Instagram, a moment that she shared in a series of photos.

Since that time, Rihanna has followed Monia’s journey and offered words of encouragement along the way.