Newly Surfaced Video Shows Teenage Meghan Markle Singing ‘Santa Baby’ In High School Christmas Show

Chris JacksonGetty Images

While Meghan Markle ushers in the Christmas season with the royal family at a black-tie dinner, exchanging what can only be presumed to be elegant gifts, we really hope she’ll join in any holiday singing or caroling. The former actress adds quite a flair while singing, it turns out, even when she was a youngster.

In newly discovered footage, a 17-year-old Meghan Markle pretends to belt out “Santa Baby” in an all-black sleeveless outfit and Santa hat, strolling sexily across her school’s stage while she performs the duet with a classmate.

While lip-synching, she leans in toward pal Natalie Fryman, sticking out her derriere and posing cheek to cheek. They sway their hips and stroll saucily across the stage while mouthing out the words to this fun holiday song.

The audience begins clapping along, egging on the two hams that are lapping up the attention. It’s no surprise that both Meghan and Natalie grew up to become actresses judging by the way they present themselves on stage as teens. They are all smiles throughout the song, even offering up a few pouty expressions when singing about how much they hope Santa brings them what their little hearts’ desire.

The funny footage dates back to the December 1998 Christmas show when Meghan was a senior in high school at Immaculate Heart High School in Los Angeles, California. In the song, she asks Father Christmas for a yacht, a convertible, and a ring. According to the Daily Mail, one audience member had words of encouragement for the young Meghan who grew up and married a prince.

“After being a bit of an awkward teen, by this point Meghan has blossomed into an attractive young woman and this show that she was really relishing it. The performance went down really well. The lyrics are quite amusing to think about now,” the audience member said.

The song “Santa Baby” was first recorded by Eartha Kitt in 1953 where she asks Santa to “hurry down the chimney” and bring her a ton of pricey items. As the wife of Prince Harry, Meghan doesn’t have to ask Santa for any big-ticket items nowadays, what with being royalty now.

The former actress will be spending the Christmas season with the queen and other members of the royal family at Sandringham. This Christmas is different, though, because Meghan and Prince Harry are expecting their first child in the spring. It will be their last Christmas together as just a couple before baby makes three.