Cindy Crawford Shocks Shoppers This Christmas Season With Alleged Act Of Kindness, According To ‘Page Six’

Cindy Crawford isn’t just beautiful on the outside, but on the inside, too. This model and actress became an international celebrity, landing roles on television and film. So it was quite the surprise to shoppers at a Compton, California, Walmart when they learned what Cindy, 52, and her husband Rande Gerber, 56, had done for them.

The couple showed what generosity and the holiday spirit truly means by allegedly paying off all of the layaway bills at a Walmart in Compton, California, reported Page Six. A source told the outlet that the couple was “inspired by Kid Rock and Tyler Perry’s generosity.”

“Hundreds of families will have very happy children this Christmas thanks to the Gerber family,” the source stated.

Kid Rock reportedly paid off the layaway balances for 350 accounts at a Walmart in Nashville, Tennessee, totaling $81,000. Tyler Perry closed out the layaway accounts for two Walmarts in the Atlanta, Georgia, area, totaling $430,000.

Page Six reported that when a few hundred Compton customers popped into the Walmart stores to pick up their gifts in time for Christmas, they were informed that their tabs had been paid by none other than Cindy Crawford and Rande Gerber.

It hasn’t been just celebrities trying to make Christmas brighter for families who rely on layaway plans to make ends meet during the often expensive holidays. An anonymous man in Vermont paid off all of the layaway bills at his local Walmart, shared Fox News. Secret Santas snuck into stores in New York and New Jersey to pay off layaway accounts there, too, blowing away shoppers.

At a Walmart in Longmont, Colorado, shoppers were beyond thrilled when they showed up to make payments on their layaway accounts that a stranger had already paid for the entire layaway section, totaling approximately $44,000, a spokesman for Walmart told CNN.

“Yes, yes, yes!” Walmart tweeted following the news. “Our customers are really getting into the holiday spirit and we love to see them #SparkKindness.”

Lisa McMillan, a single mom of five posted on Facebook that the Secret Santa who paid off her layaway bill truly saved Christmas for her and her children.

“Today I got truly blessed by some Christmas angel. I have been freaking out about Christmas and not being able to get my kids presents, as i am a single mom of 5 at the moment. I’ve been stressing, losing sleep over this. Today I got an email from Walmart saying my layaway of $400 was paid for by an anonymous person,” she wrote. “I was in shock… i called Walmart and they said this was a random act of kindness. I pray to God that whoever did this is reading this right now… You have absolutely no idea what you did for me and how much of a burden you lifted off my shoulders. All I can say is Thank you, Thank you, Thank you. You truly helped a mom in need.”