50 Cent Flashes Receipt For His New Gift To Himself - A $440K Rolls Royce

Christmas definitely came early for 50 Cent. The New York rapper recently took to social media to offer fans a glimpse of the new addition to his fleet of luxury cars. According to Radar Online, 50 Cent didn't spare any expense when it came to the purchase of his new Rolls Royce. Earlier today, 50 Cent took to Instagram with a photo of the Rolls Royce key and its pricey receipt. From the looks of it, the Power star swiped a card for the $440,840.00 vehicle.

He captioned the photo, "Cash man stop playing wit me. #lecheminduroi #bellator." The Instagram post that followed captured 50 sitting on top of his new white Rolls Royce. With that photo, he included a simple message to his followers. In a nutshell, 50 made it clear he has no intention of slowing down and those who don't like his posts can unfollow. 50 wrote, "If I like it I'm getting it, if you don't like it don't watch. Positive Vibes." 50 went on to share a third post of his youngest son Sire. The quick video featured Sire in his father's new car.

Needless to say, 50 Cent's posts have caught the attention of fans everywhere. In a matter of hours, 50 Cent's posts have received more than 15,000 comments from fans with an array of opinions about the extravagant purchase. While many have congratulated 50, others have criticized him arguing the new set of wheels is a frivolous way to spend so much money. The video of Sire was met with opposition due because fans were quickly reminded of how 50 treated his oldest son just weeks prior to his latest social media posts.

The latest reports about 50 Cent's Rolls Royce follows the heightened criticism he faced for his callous attitude toward his oldest son. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, 50 Cent faced backlash when he allegedly admitted that he wouldn't have a bad day if his eldest son Marquise was hit by a bus.Fans quickly blasted 50 for his seemingly heartless and careless words, but 50 doubled down reportedly refusing to apologize for the statement. His antics also led to a social media feud with Marquise's mother. The estranged pair went back and forth via social media but that debacle hasn't stopped 50 from posting whatever he wants.

Although many social media users have criticized 50 Cent's purchase of the Rolls Royce, he's made it clear he makes no apologies for things he posts.