Andy Cohen 'Taking Break' From Work To Focus On 'Daddy Duties'

Andy Cohen's television career is quite demanding. When most viewers think of housewives and Bravo TV, they likely think of Andy Cohen. Over the years, he's become a household name in the world of reality TV but when the cameras aren't rolling, Andy is faced with the typical responsibilities most adults face on a daily basis. For those who may not know, those responsibilities also include parenthood. On Thursday's episode of Watch What Happens, Andy Cohen announced he was expecting his first child and now he's shifting his focus to devoting more time to home life so he can be a "hands-on father."

According to Radar Online, an insider has revealed Andy Cohen will be taking some time off from his busy schedule to focus on parenting and his newborn baby. The talk show host is reportedly a single dad so he'll likely have his hands full for quite some time. The insider revealed Andy Cohen's perspective of parenting and how he differs from most celebrities and public figures. It has been reported that Andy Cohen will not be enlisting the help of childcare assistants or nannies to raise his child. He reportedly wants to do the vast majority of the parental work himself which is why he's making changes to his work schedule.

"Andy is going to take some time off, and even after, will really slow down on his work responsibilities," the insider said. "He wants to be a hands-on father," the source insisted.

"He does not want to have his child raised by nannies. He wants to be a hands-on father. He does not want to have his child raised by nannies."
Those close to Andy Cohen are reportedly happy that he's taking much needed time away from work to focus on his private life. For the past several years, Andy Cohen has worn many entertainment hats hosting Watch What Happens while serving as an executive producer for Bravo and a SiriusXM radio host.

Since he's lived life at an accelerated pace due to his career, his family and friends are reportedly relieved he's slowing down for the time being. "Everyone believes this will be so good for him because he needs to really just take a breather," the insider said.

Right now, it is unclear how long Andy Cohen will be taking time off but since the child is a newborn, there is speculation his time away from work will be the amount of time allotted for the average maternity leave.