Buxom Toronto Instagram Model Natalie Gauvreau’s Suggestive Lingerie Pic May Push Community Standards Envelope

In addition to being an Instagram model with 3.5 million followers and counting, 33-year-old Natalie Gauvreau is reportedly an ardent sports fan, at least when it comes to her local pro teams in her hometown of Toronto, Canada. But being seen at sports events in all probability only serves to boost her online profile, which then hooks fans with some of the most daring and potentially controversial posts on the platform — a platform where young women baring as much as the site’s “community standards” guidelines will allow are not exactly rare.

But two days after she posted a topless “hair bra” shot which she said was meant to celebrate her birthday — albeit in only half of her proverbial “birthday suit” – the Canadian semi-nudist marked the coming of Christmas with two posts in Christmas-colored lingerie. And while there’s nothing inherently unusual or boundary-breaking about Instagram models showing off their physiques in underwear, or less, the caption accompanying the post made have moved Gauvreau into a murky gray area of social media censorship — similar to a now-removed post by American Instagram bombshell Abigail Ratchford, as the Inquisitr reported.

Along with the striking suggestive, spread-legged pose with a coyly demure facial expression, Gauvreau posts the accompanying caption, “Let’s make this a not so silent night.”


What was Gauvreau suggesting in the caption? In context, along with the highly suggestive pose and skimpy lingerie complete with black garter belt — a common sexual fetish, according to the 2006 book Cultures of Fetishism — the reference to a “not so silent night” certainly seems like sexual invitation.

While presumably Gauvreau did not mean the invitation literally, new community standards guidelines instituted earlier his month by Facebook, which owns Instagram, prohibits “explicit sexual solicitation by, including but not limited to the following, offering or asking for: Sex or sexual partners; Sex chat or conversations; Nude images.”

Of course, Gauvreau did none of those things in her even racier “birthday” post, made just days earlier on Instagram.


Gaureau has been described, according to the site Paraeles, as a “muse” for the Toronto Raptors NBA basketball team — a team currently occupying first place in the NBA’s Eastern Conference.


She is also, according to the conservative Daily Caller site, “a die hard (Toronto) Blue Jays fan,” who made a visible splash rooting on the Major League Baseball team during their 2016 American League Championship Series against the Cleveland Indians. But even the Instagram star, who goes by the online handle “SexyNatG,” was not enough to help the Blue Jays that year, as they lost that series 4-1.