Heather Locklear Released From Rehab Just Days Before Christmas

After a month-long ordeal, Heather Locklear has been released from rehab. According to Radar Online, the famed actress was recently spotted out shopping with her boyfriend, Chris Heisser. An insider close to Heather Locklear has shared a few details about her release and how she'll be spending the Christmas holiday.

"She is out of rehab for now to spend time with family for the holidays. And she was spotted with her boyfriend at the Westlake Promenade on Saturday."

Despite all of the difficulties Heather Locklear has faced over the past month, the insider claims she appeared to be enjoying the outing with her beau.

"They seemed to be enjoying themselves grabbing a bite to eat and shopping."

Although things are better now, the insider admitted Heather Locklear still has a long road to recovery ahead.

"She obviously needs more help," the insider said. "Everyone wants her to get better, no matter how long it takes, where she's not a risk to herself or anyone else."

The latest news follows a string of reports about Heather Locklear's highly publicized psychiatric hold. According to People magazine, Heather Locklear was placed on a 5150 psychiatric hold following a bizarre incident that occurred outside of her home in November. After she was hospitalized, it was later confirmed that her psychiatric hold had been extended for an additional 14 days. An insider close to the actress reportedly explained why.

"Heather is under a 52-50 hold for 14 days. The doctors need more time to assess her and the situation," the insider explained. "During that 14 days, the attorney and the doctor will go to court and ask for a conservatorship and under that conservatorship, she is assigned a guardian. Overall, it gives them time to assess the patient."

The insider continued, "Heather needed additional help. Three days is not enough time to come up with a plan of support. And now they need to figure out what that plan of support is."

As Heather Locklear recovers, she's also still facing charges for assaulting a police officer and a paramedic following a previous incident that occurred at her home. The first responders reportedly attended to a disturbance at the former Melrose Place actress' home in June and things quickly went awry. Relatively similar to the incident that occurred in November, Heather Locklear was belligerent. As a result of all of the incidents that have occurred, Heather has been given a guardian to "assist in her care," according to the publication.

"The guardian will make sure she is taking the medication and she is living in an atmosphere of support and will work on keeping her life balanced," another insider confirmed.