Gal Gadot Announces 'Wonder Woman 1984' Has Wrapped

It's a wrap on the set of Wonder Woman 1984. None other than Diana Prince (Gal Gadot) herself shared the news on Instagram today in a lengthy post showing her excitement for the upcoming film. Gal said she had a wonderful time shooting the first Wonder Woman flick, but then admitted the sequel was unique and special in its own way.

According to the post, Wonder Woman 1984 was shot in four different locations in three different countries. The film employed over 1,000 workers who Gal praised to no end. As to be expected, Gal went on to compliment her director, Patty Jenkins. The actress said her fearless leader always had the cast's backs and pushed them to be the best versions of themselves on set. Gal said she was lucky to be able to call Patty a friend.

In the captions end, Gal admitted how difficult and demanding this film was for her, but she promised she did her very best every day she showed up to work and swore the rest of the cast and crew did the same. In the end, the actress said how much she loved playing Wonder Woman and thanked her fans for being the best out there.

The post had three photos attached to it, the first of which showed Patty speaking into a megaphone while a full-costumed Gal clapped alongside a large group of crew. The entire crowd is clapping and smiling, and it's likely the moment Patty wrapped the movie. In the second photo, Gal is only in costume from the waist up and she and Patty stand alongside one another on the set. The director is giving Gal a clear direction on how to perform in the particular scene which appears to be at a shopping mall.

The third photo was of Patty and Gal yet again on set, with the actress taking direction from her leader. The women are standing in the middle of the road surrounded by what appears to be a barren landscape.

Gal's photo already has over 1.5 million likes from fans after only hitting Instagram a few hours ago.

Little is known at this point about the plot of Wonder Woman 1984 other than the fact that it takes place in the past, just like its predecessor. Patty confirmed Chris Pine would be returning as Steve Trevor in a tweet from June. Fans are wondering how Diana's love interest was back after apparently dying in the first film.

The original superheroine flick is the best rated DC Extended Universe film on Rotten Tomatoes with a score of 93 percent. The next highest rated in the franchise is Aquaman with 64 percent, followed by Man of Steel with 56 percent. The film also brought in an impressive $412 million in the domestic box office and topped $821 million worldwide. It's the No. 1 earning DCEU film in the United States by a longshot, beating out Batman v Superman, which earned just over $330 million.

Wonder Woman 1984 might have wrapped in 2018, but it won't be hitting the big screen until June 5, 2020. The film stars Gal Gadot, Chris Pine, Pedro Pascal, Robin Wright, Connie Nielsen, and Kristen Wiig.