Chip & Joanna Gaines Wrap Doorway For Kids On Christmas Morning

Trisha Faulkner

As Fixer Upper fans know, Chip and Joanna Gaines shower their children with several family traditions they hope they will continue with their own families when they grow up. According to a video clip recently shared by Target on Instagram with their 3.4 million followers, Chip and Joanna have an especially magical tradition for their children on Christmas.

"Every year I wrap the doorway for the kids to run through on their way to opening the gifts. It's such a fun way for [them] to get pumped up for the festive day ahead," Chip revealed in the video clip before it cut to him wrapping up the doorway.

"We love to see the anticipation and excitement on their faces," he added as he continued to explain why they decided to start wrapping up the doorway each year. Posted nearly a week ago, the video clip has since accumulated just shy of 7,000 likes and 200 comments.

Many took time to comment about how adorable the tradition was and how much they loved the Fixer Upper couple. There was even one person who wasn't sure if the tradition would work for their children because they feared their children wouldn't understand to rip through the paper to get out. "The kids would all cry and not know how to get out," the individual joked in the comments.

As House Beautiful reminds us, Chip and Joanna are big on family traditions. Fortunately for their fans, the HGTV couple is also big on sharing their family traditions with the hopes of other people getting to enjoy them with their children as well.

Many of Chip and Joanna's family traditions revolve around including their children in every way possible. For example, as fans saw on nearly episode of Fixer Upper, the Gaines were never shy about encouraging their children to pitch in on job sites. Joanna and Chip also make an effort to include their children in all of the holiday cooking and baking.