Kylie Jenner’s 2018 Best Nine Photo Collage Is All About Stormi

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As 2018 comes to a close, Instagram users travel to the Best Nine website to find out their most-liked photos of the year. The program searches through all of a users posts from 2018 and selects the top nine photos and arranges them into a collage. The Best Nine website also tallies every single like for the year and every number of posts.

While it’s fun to check out your own best nine of the year, many choose to analyze the timelines of their favorite celebrities. That’s just what fans are doing with Kylie Jenner, who has one of the most popular Instagram pages out there. The makeup mogul boasts 122 million followers and is the seventh most-followed celebrity on the platform. Kylie also has four of the top-10 most-liked Instagram photos of all time, all of which came this year. Kylie’s Best Nine collage of the year contains eight photos of daughter Stormi Webster, which comes as no surprise.

Kylie’s most-liked photo of the year came on February 6 when she debuted Stormi Webster to the world. While most assumed Kylie was pregnant, the official announcement did not come until the reality star decided to share the news of her birth on Instagram. The first photo of Stormi (and the most liked Instagram photo ever) has 18.04 million likes and is just a brief shot of the side of her face while she holds her mom’s thumb.

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stormi webster ????????

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Her second most-popular photo of 2018 is of Stormi yet again and came on March 1, but the baby’s face is hidden. The picture of Kylie holding a covered Stormi has 13.067 million likes and is currently the No. 4 most liked photo of all time on Instagram.

Kylie’s third-biggest photo of the year was posted on Instagram on August 9 (12.278 million), with the fourth most popular following on Instagram on October 29 (11.866 million). Naturally, both feature baby Stormi with her mama, with the August 9 photo being a portrait of the two, and the October 29 post of the girls in matching butterfly costumes. The photos are the No. 7 and No. 8 most liked-photos ever on Instagram as well.

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my baby butterfly..

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On September 21, Kylie posted her fifth most popular Instagram photo of the year where she sported a pink latex dress while holding Stormi. The photo gained just over 11.396 million likes. Her sixth most popular Instagram post came on November 22, which featured her first family photo including herself, Stormi, and boyfriend Travis Scott. The black and white image received 10.791 million likes from adoring fans. October 26 marked the only Instagram photo in Kylie’s Best Nine that did not feature Stormi. Kylie posed alongside sister Kendall Jenner in a photo that earned 10.620 million likes and was her seventh most-liked photo of the year.

Kylie’s eighth most popular Instagram post of the year wasn’t a photo at all, but a short letter to fans that came on February 4. The post revealed that Kylie was indeed pregnant and announced the birth of her daughter. In no time, the post earned over 10.612 million likes and tens of thousands of comments from fans.

Rounding out Kylie’s best nine was a Instagram post with 10.240 million likes and came on August 9, the same as her No. 3 photo of the year. The two photos are very similar and are from the same mother-daughter photo session.

At the time of this publication, Kylie has just over 1.871 billion likes in 2018 from 409 posts.