‘Temptation Island’ Reboot Trailer Debuts Four New Couples Willing To Risk It All

John TsiavisUSA Network

It’s back! After 15 years off the air, Temptation Island is returning with four new couples ready to test their relationships. The reality show has found a new home on USA Network after appearing on FOX from January 2001 to August 2003. A new trailer has dropped, showing not much has changed in love in the last 15 years.

The reboot will follow the same format as the original, where four couples travel to a tropical location to see if their love can fend off all temptation. Upon arriving, the four women and four men are separated on the island where they will join 12 singles of the opposite sex. As to be expected, drama always ensues and not everyone is faithful. While Season 1 of the show was a success for FOX due to its provocative nature, Season 2 and 3 fell flat in the ratings and was ultimately canceled.

Host Mark L. Walberg (not to be confused with the Transformers actor), will return to host as the new couples test their limits in Maui. The new couples include Javen Butler, 25, and Shari Ligons, 25, of San Francisco, California, Evan Smith, 28, and Kaci Campbell, 29, of Los Angeles, California, Karl Collins, 31, and Nicole Tutewohl, 25, of Chicago, Illinois and John Thurmond, 35, and Kady Cannon Krambeer, 30, of Fort Worth, Texas.

Karl and Nicole (pictured above) met at a gym as both have fitness in the center of their lives. Nicole was in another relationship when she met Karl but ultimately ended up with her new fitness buddy. The pair has been together for two years, but agree things have become somewhat stagnant recently.

Javen and Shari of Temptation Island
Javen and ShariFeatured image credit: John TsiavisUSA Network

Javen and Shari have been together for eight years after meeting in high school. The two believe they are meant to be and are traveling to Maui to prove such. Despite thinking they are the ones for each other, Javen did cheat on Shari while they were in college.

Evan and Kaci of Temptation Island
Evan and KaciFeatured image credit: John TsiavisUSA Network

Evan and Kaci went to rival high schools but ended up together just before going to college. They have been on-again-off-again for almost a decade but have been exclusive for the last five years. The future seems to be the biggest obstacle for the two as Kaci is ready to walk down the aisle, but something is stopping Evan from popping the question.

John and Kady of Temptation Island
John and KadyFeatured image credit: John TsiavisUSA Network

Final couple John and Kady have been together for three years and met on a dating app. The two are choosing to appear on Temptation Island to find out who they are on their own and to see if marriage is really the right choice for them.

As the new trailer indicates, not everyone is going to be faithful by the time the couples split.

Temptation Island debuts Tuesday, January 15, 2019 at 10 p.m. EST on USA Network. Check out the full trailer below.