Here’s How Jeff Probst Feels About The Winner of ‘Survivor 37’

Every week Jeff Probst – the host of the CBS reality TV series Survivor – sits down with Entertainment Weekly to answer a few burning questions. With the season finale of David vs. Goliath airing this week, the biggest question everyone has is simple: How does Probst feel about the winner of Survivor 37?

“This was a very competitive season. I think everyone in the final six had a case to make based on who they were sitting next to in the final,” Jeff explained early on in the interview, as he believed everyone left in the finale had a nice argument regarding why they should be crowned sole survivor.

“From my vantage point, Nick’s win seemed to come down to a few key things: 1.) Overall, he played a very savvy game and navigated his alliances very well. 2.) Even though he was upset at times, he did a good job of keeping his emotions in check and not letting them push a foolish decision,” he added.

Probst also admitted that Nick’s immunity run – winning the last three immunities – is ultimately what allowed him to stay in the game as people started to pick up on him being a threat and wanted to vote him out. He added, “And the last win that put him in the final three was obviously critical.”

There was no doubt in Jeff’s mind that if any of the Goliaths had won, they would have forced Nick to play in the fire challenge if he wanted to secure his slot in the final three.

Probst also admitted that he believed one of the biggest – and best – moves Nick made was the decision to take Angelina to the final three because he believed he could beat her over Kara and Mike.

“In eliminating one of those two, he really increased his odds,” Jeff continued to explain in regards to Kara and Mike.

“I think Nick is a very solid strategist and though he might be a bit low key, he’s a very likable guy.”

As Entertainment Weekly reminded Jeff – and everyone else – Nick got incredibly lucky when he didn’t go home early on in the game because of Pat’s bizarre boating accident that caused Pat to be pulled from the game.

“Nick seemed destined for Ponderosa the morning of day three. Then the challenge happened, then Pat got evacuated, and Tribal was canceled. That was the turning point for Nick, no question about it,” Jeff said. “Nick played a very layered game and did a lot of things right. Seven out of ten votes is no joke,” Jeff added toward the end of the interview.

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