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Border Wall Gets Donation In Hillary Clinton’s Name Via GoFundMe

Roz Zurko - Author

Dec. 22 2018, Updated 6:19 a.m. ET

As of late, Trump’s border wall is the buzz of the news, with polarized sides battling everything from cost to design. A GoFundMe page raising money for Trump’s border wall reached close to $15 million as of Saturday morning, according to Fox & Friends Weekend. But it seems that money isn’t the only thing emerging from this GoFundMe border wall account.

The cost of the wall is the major bone of contention for politicians, and as a result, one American veteran decided to give Donald Trump a helping hand with funding. His name is Brian Kolfage, and he created a GoFundMe page after seeing the frustration of the American people regarding the building of this wall.

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Along with the goal of getting this wall built, it seems the “We the People Will Fund the Wall” GoFundMe page doubled up as a vehicle for delivering messages. This GoFundMe page is a bit different than a normal attempt at charity — it falls under the old adage that allows people to “put your money where your mouth is.”

As of Saturday morning, more than 230,000 people have donated to this cause. Many believe that they are not only offering a helping hand in building a border wall but that it’s a way of showing their support of Donald Trump. This is seen throughout social media sites, as Americans stand behind Trump and his vision of getting this wall built.

Vancouver Is Awesome lists the top five highest-grossing GoFundMe campaigns of all time, and as of today, it looks like the border wall campaign would usurp the number two slot. This shows just how important this is to the American people donating to this cause today.

While the amount of money raised so far speaks for itself — as far as support for the wall — it has also opened a dialog about the President of the United States. Many are expressing their support and adoration for the border wall, Donald Trump, and Brian Kolfage, as seen in the embedded Twitter post below.

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When the aforementioned list of all-time GoFundMe campaigns was created in the spring, the number one campaign for raising money was “Time’s Up Legal Defense Fund.” That group raised $21.51 million.

Second on that list was the GoFundMe page created for the victims of the Las Vegas shooting, which raised $11.87 million. The campaign for “We the People Will Fund the Wall” is at almost $15 million, which would take over the number two spot for the amount of money raised with a GoFundMe campaign.

The total number of donations sends a strong message to politicians in Washington as Americans push to get this wall built. According to Brian Kofage, who appeared on Fox & Friends this week, an “overpouring of Democrats” have messaged him, offering their support for this border wall with a donation.

While it’s unlikely Hillary Clinton or Barack Obama donated to this cause, their names were used by people making donations, according to Newsweek. It looks like someone was sending the message that this wall is for both sides of the aisle.

While the border wall is said to cost somewhere in the ballpark of $20 billion, the $15 million collected so far represents a tiny drop in the bucket. With that said, this GoFundMe page is about so much more than just raising its goal of $1 billion.

According to the comments from social media sites, the American people are having their say with these donations. It’s a way to show support for Donald Trump and his attempt to build the border wall.


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