WWE News: ‘Fashion Files’ Special To Air On WWE Network On Christmas Eve


Fans of Tyler Breeze and Fandango — collectively known as the the Fashion Police — are going to get a treat, as it looks like the WWE is set to air a special episode of The Fashion Files on the WWE Network. The show, which is called Fashion Files: Cold Case Unit is currently listed on the WWE Network’s programming schedule for December 24 at 11 p.m. ET. It’s listed as a 30-minute long show.

There’s only one mystery within the WWE that’s large enough to dedicate a whole half hour, and that’s finding out who hit Kevin Owens in the face with a pie.

The synopsis for the show, which was transcribed by Pro Wrestling Sheet, reads as follows: “It’s do-or-pie for detectives Tyler Breeze and Fandango, as ‘The Fashion Police’ close in on Kevin Owens’ mysterious Pie Face Perpetrator!”

For anyone who forgot the pie incident, it went down on the Fourth of July-themed episode of Raw. At the end of a giant food fight, a mysterious attacker smashed a pie into an unsuspecting Kevin Owens’ face. The pie facing wasn’t without issues, as some perspective shifts happened that didn’t make a whole lot of sense. That aside, it left fans with a huge question: who was the mysterious pie-wielding attacker?

Unfortunately, if this is anything like previous mysteries tackled by the Fashion Police, we probably won’t get an actual conclusion to the mystery. However, we’d venture to guess that it’ll be an entertaining ride however it turns out.

A while back, the WWE ran a poll asking network subscribers if more episodes of Fashion Police is something they’d be interested in seeing. Apparently, the WWE fans must have answered “yes.” The poll also included the House Hardy Halloween Special, and that aired right around Halloween as well.

On Raw this week, Vince McMahon promised to “shake things up” and this could be a move in that direction. Fans have often cited Tyler Breeze as an underused performer, and the Fashion Police getting a special on the WWE Network seems like it could be the start of him getting a push. Additionally, Breeze challenged Ambrose for the Intercontinental Championship this week. Even though he lost, the announcers did a good job of putting over how great of a job he did, and they booked the match for him to look competitive.

Pro Wrestling Sheet also noticed a few other new shows listed on the WWE Network’s schedule.

  • Botch Club with Karl Anderson and Luke Gallows
  • Xavier’s Arcade Challenge
  • WWE Kitchen Smackdown