Donald Trump In ‘Tailspin’ On Thursday, ‘Flipping Out,’ Warns Republicans They’ll Be ‘Crushed,’ Reports ‘WaPo’

A shocking report by three Washington Post reporters published Thursday evening paints a dark and troubling portrait of Donald Trump’s mental state inside the Oval Office, as Thursday brought a steady stream of negative news — much of it of his own making.

On Thursday, Trump was confronted with the imminent threat of a government shutdown just days before Christmas, The first crisis, as the Washington Post reported, was caused by his own refusal to approve a bill to fund the government presented to him by Senators from his own party, but which did not include funding for his “border wall.” The second crisis came as a sharp rebuke from his resigning Defense Secretary James Mattis, and the third crisis represented a stock market seemingly in free fall due in part, experts say, to Trump’s “trade war” policies, according to CNBC.

But that’s not all. Trump also faced the continuing revelations from multiple investigations into almost every aspect of his political and business activities, as Business Insider chronicled. There is even backlash from his closest supporters on Fox News over his decision to pull U.S. troops out of Syria, as Inquisitr reported.

As a result, according to Thursday’s Washington Post report by By Philip Rucker, Robert Costa, and Josh Dawsey, Trump has been described by a close associate as being in “a tailspin” in the Oval Office.

Defense Secretary James Mattis
Resigning Defense Secretary James Mattis (l) delivered a stinging rebuke to Donald Trump on Thursday.

The report described Trump as “acting ‘totally irrationally’ and ‘flipping out’ over criticisms in the media,” as one Republican close to Trump described him.

In announcing his resignation, Mattis wrote a letter to Trump in which he delivered what the conservative National Review called “nothing short of a rebuke of (Trump’s) habits, philosophy, and decisions.”

One former top Trump administration official told the Washington Post that those around Trump would soon subject him to “an intervention.”

“Mattis just sent a shot across the bow,” the former official told the paper. “He’s the most credible member of the administration by five grades of magnitude. He’s the steady, safe set of hands. And this letter is brutal. He quit because of the madness.”

The Washington Post reporters based their report on interviews with 27 “current and former White House officials, Republican lawmakers and outside advisers to the president,” who delivered a dire assessment of Trump’s situation.

“Trump has been isolated in bunker mode in recent weeks as political and personal crises mount,” the Washington Post reported. “Even as aides argued to him that protesting over wall funding could deprive government workers paychecks over Christmas, Trump warned in private conversations with Republican lawmakers that they all would get ‘crushed’ if they did not get the wall built.”