December 20, 2018
Dramatic Video Shows Texas Deputies Pull Trapped Driver From Burning Car

Two deputies of the Chambers County Sheriff's Department have been hailed as heroes by the sheriff after braving a burning car to rescue the driver from the inferno.

As reported by USA Today, on Tuesday the Sheriff's Department shared a video to their Facebook page that was filmed by the bodycam of one of the deputies in the field.

Deputies Braedon Boznango and Carlton Carrington were called to the scene of a car accident last Thursday, and found that the car in question had been flipped. Not only was it upside down, but the vehicle had become engulfed in flames as well. In the video clip, the pair can be seen running towards the car, with onlookers yelling at them that there was still a man inside the burning vehicle.

The deputies were able to determine that the driver was the only person in the car at the time of the accident, and quickly set about trying to pull him from the flames.

"Sir? Sir? Can you give your arms?" Boznango can be heard on the video, hoping the man would be able to do at least that, so that they could get a good grip on him. Boznango then called to his partner, Carrington, for help to free the man, whose name has not yet been publicly released.

"I mean, you realized he was in really big trouble when you went up and saw him inside the vehicle," Boznango said.

At that point, the man's legs and abdomen were already engulfed in the inferno.

"I just remember watching the flames run up the man's face," Carrington added. "I was thinking, 'This guy is going to burn to death if we don't get him out of this car.'"

Fortunately, the deputies were able to pull him from the car. They then carried him over to a nearby puddle, where they were able to extinguish the flames.
"They are heroes in my eyes, and I think they're probably heroes in everybody's eyes," Sheriff Brian Hawthorne said. "That could be any of us in that car on fire, and I can assure you there are a lot of people that would've just sat back and watched it burn."

Following the incident, the man was airlifted to hospital in nearby Houston, where he was assessed as being in critical condition. No update on his condition has been released, as yet.

The accident took place on the Texas 124 just south of Winnie, and the car had flipped onto the median of the highway.