Jason Momoa Reveals That Lisa Bonet Would Leave Him If He Ever Cut His Hair

Plus, with 'Aquaman 2' a possibility, Jason Momoa also doesn't like the prospect of wearing a wig if he cut his hair.

Lisa Bonet and Jason Momoa attend the premiere of Warner Bros. Pictures' 'Aquaman' at TCL Chinese Theatre on December 12, 2018 in Hollywood, California
Kevin Winter / Getty Images

Plus, with 'Aquaman 2' a possibility, Jason Momoa also doesn't like the prospect of wearing a wig if he cut his hair.

Fans across the world swoon over Jason Momoa and his luxurious locks. And, for those of you that are fearful the hunky actor might cut his hair now that Aquaman is out in the theaters, rest assured, this won’t be happening any time soon. Well, that is if his wife, Lisa Bonet, continues to get her way.

According to E! News, Lisa Bonet has put a ban on her husband, Jason Momoa, from cutting his hair. In fact, she has gone so far as to say that she will leave him if he cuts his magnificent locks.

“My wife would leave me if I cut my hair, so I just don’t cut my hair,” Jason Momoa recently told the Daily Telegraph.

“I am not cutting my hair for a while, I will tell you that much.”

Of course, another reason he might not want to cut his hair — besides an imminent divorce — is the fact that his Aquaman movie might be successful enough to warrant a sequel. Or, additionally, to have Aquaman feature in other DC movies. So, Jason Momoa would be contractually obligated to keep his tresses just the way they are for the time being.

“I am going to be playing this guy for a while and I don’t want to wear a wig,” Momoa explained to the Daily Mail.

“I think we are good for the next two years.”

Which is exactly what fans want to hear.

According to Digital Spy, while there has been no official confirmation that the current Aquaman movie will be getting a sequel, it is believed that one is currently in the works. While no writer has yet been assigned to the task, Jason Momoa is very vocal about Aquaman 2.

“Even when we were shooting Aquaman, I have the opening of Aquaman 2 ready,” Momoa told Total Film.

“I went in and pitched it to [producer Peter] Safran, and I pitched it to [Warner Bros chairman] Toby Emmerich. They loved it. It’s awesome… But yeah, I have plans for Aquaman 2.”

And, some of those plans involve who he would like to see in the Aquaman sequel.

“I think Wonder Woman would be pretty rad,” Momoa told Collider.

“Flash and Wonder Woman would be my first two. I don’t wanna pick one, so I’ll pick two.”

While Lisa Bonet has put a ban on haircuts any time soon, and with Aquaman also having haircut restrictions, to be fair, Jason Momoa has certainly hinged his career on his glorious mane. So, it seems unlikely that he will be shedding it any time soon.

Aquaman is currently screening in theaters.