Courteney Cox And Tom Selleck Had An Adorable ‘Friends’ Reunion, And It Was Caught On Video

Fans of the hit 1990s sitcom Friends have made no bones about their desire for a reboot of the iconic TV show. However, as the idea of a reunion has been shut down a number of times over the years, the world has to settle with the cast members meeting up in real life to fulfill their appetite for an on-screen renewal.

Just this week, two members of the Friends cast list made their way back to each other unexpectedly, Us Weekly reported, sending fans into a frenzy of excitement.

As documented by comedian Claudia Oshry — also known as the “girl with no job,” in a video on her Twitter account — Friends alums Courteney Cox and Tom Selleck had a seemingly chance meet up at a restaurant in New York. Cox was sitting at the bar when the Blue Bloods star approached her. The two apparently embraced in a huge hug and began to chat, while Courteney appeared almost shocked to see her former co-star.

“Spotted in NY: Dr. Richard Burke and Monica Geller saying hi to one another,” Oshry captioned the video, referring to the actors’ characters in the sitcom. “Shook. What will Chandler say?”

Fans loved the documented reunion between the two actors, with hundreds replying to Oshry’s tweet with words of affirmation for Courteney and Tom — and barely contained excitement over their chance meeting.

Courteney was a main member of the iconic friend group, portraying Monica for ten seasons. Tom Selleck appeared in ten episodes throughout the series, playing Dr. Richard Burke, who was in a serious relationship with Monica — until they parted ways due to Burke not wanting to have children again. He returned to try and win Monica back before Chandler, played by Matthew Perry, proposed.

The strong friendship between Cox and Selleck was evident, despite the video only being ten seconds long. They shared a chemistry that the show’s executive producer, Scott Silveri, revealed was the reason the Friends team paired the two up for the show.

“With Courtney and Tom Selleck, if I’m not mistaken, there was no sense [at first] that was going to become a relationship with a capital ‘R’,” Silveri explained to Vulture in 2016. “They went into that, and it was going to be one episode, two tops. And then they had such good chemistry, the producers and the writers at the time decided to explore it a little more.”

Fans may be disappointed to know that meetings like this may be their only chance at seeing the Friends cast members again, as Jennifer Aniston, who played Rachel Green in the show, again shot down the idea of an on-screen reunion.

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Aniston explained on The Late Late Show With James Corden earlier this month that while the girls are up for reprising their iconic roles, “the boys are a little less excited for it for some reason.”

For now, fans can relive Monica and Richard’s relationship — as well as the rest of the gang’s crazy antics — on Netflix. The streaming platform just renewed its contract to keep the show in its streaming library for another year.