Jon Gosselin Reveals Kate's Children, And His, Won't All Be Together For Christmas

Jon Gosselin's eight children won't be spending Christmas together this year. While he'll have two of the children, the rest will be with their mother, Kate Gosselin.

According to a December 19 report by In Touch Weekly, Jon Gosselin recently opened up about what his Christmas will look like this year -- after a very interesting year for him as a parent.

As many fans will remember, Jon's daughter, Hannah, began living with him full time this year. It has reportedly been a great time for both him and his daughter. The pair are often seen on social media enjoying quality time together, and they'll soon be joined by Hannah's brother, Collin Gosselin.

During a recent interview, Jon revealed that Hannah and Collin will spend Christmas at his house. The rest of the children -- Maddy, Cara, Alexis, Leah, Joel, and Aaden -- will be with Kate Gosselin at her home.

"I never had major holidays with my kids. I always shared it with Kate and got them after the fact," Jon said of his past holiday schedule with his children.

However, this year will be totally different. Jon Gosselin will get to experience Christmas Day with two of his children. He reveals that he's building new traditions for them.

"We're trying to create new traditions that are ours. We started with the tree. The kids are doing their lists on Giftster. But it's different for Collin because he really hasn't asked for stuff in a couple of years. He says, 'I don't know what a 14-year-old boy wants,'" Gosselin stated.

As for Jon's relationships with the rest of his children, he reveals that he's trying to respect their wishes. "It's hard to reach out to people that don't want to talk to you. If I knew they wanted to talk to me, then I'd be reaching out more!" he claims.

Earlier this month, per Us Weekly, Jon won sole custody of Collin -- after Kate nor her lawyer showed up to a court hearing to discuss the living arrangements for their son. Collin has been in an inpatient boarding school for special needs children for the past few years.

Collin is due home from the facility this week, and will not return to the boarding school. Instead, he'll spend the holidays with his father and sister. They will be joined by Jon's live-in girlfriend -- and her adult children, who will be home for Christmas. Later, he'll return to school with Hannah.

Jon Gosselin has been very open about his custody struggles in the past, and will likely continue to update fans about his life and the well being of his children.