Dick Clark’s Flintstones Home Has Its Price Slashed After One Year On Market

Dick Clark's Flintstones Home Gets A Price Slash

Dick Clark’s Flintstones home had its selling price slashed, and now anyone with $3.25 million can own a house modeled after the 1960s cartoon classic.

The house in Malibu was referred to by TMZ as “an unsellable freak of architecture,” and after one year on the market Dick Clark‘s Flintstone’s home has certainly lived up to that reputation. The home’s selling price was slashed to $3.25 million from $3.5 million.

Clark’s Flintstone’s home is a mix of modern furniture and walls that look like a prehistoric cave. It was initially put on the market last February, a month before Dick Clark passed away.

Curbed Los Angeles caught wind of the listing last year, before Clark passed away, and had some not so good things to say about it.”

“Is America’s oldest teenager even older than we thought? Like millenia old? Because Dick Clark owns what is clearly one of Bedrock’s finer mansions. Even the landscaping has that Flintstonesy feel. The listing for the Malibu house is not at all revealing, unfortunately–it doesn’t list an architect, year built, or square footage, but it does say the house has one bedroom and two bathrooms and sits on nearly 23 acres of land.”

The Flintstones home drew plenty of mixed opinions on the internet, with some noting its natural look and beautiful views, but others put off by the idea of living in a glorified cave.

While the architecture may be ugly, Clark’s Flintstones home does come with 23 acres of prime Malibu real estate and a 360 degree view of the Pacific Ocean and the rolling countryside.

Dick Clark's Flintstones Home Gets A Price Slash