Gretchen Rossi Says That She Is ‘Sick As A Dog’ While Dealing With Extreme Morning Sickness

Gretchen Rossi attends a Gala in Beverly Hills.
Greg Doherty / Getty Images

Gretchen Rossi may be over the moon as she awaits the arrival of her baby with partner Slade Smiley, but that doesn’t mean that everything has been all roses.

In an interview with Radar Online, the former Real Housewives of Orange County star admitted that while she is over the moon to be pregnant, her morning sickness has been no joke. If she isn’t busy attending a work event or function, Rossi says that she spends most of her time in bed.

“Unless I was required to participate in an event I have been in bed most days sick as a dog with nausea, fatigue, and been short of breath just from going up the stairs. Morning sickness is definitely all day sickness.”

As the Inquisitr reported earlier this week, Rossi and Smiley appeared on an episode of The Doctors where they revealed that they were expecting a little bundle of joy after trying for over four years.

“Yes, finally we have news that we are pregnant!” Rossi said on the show. “It’s so wild. It still doesn’t feel real.”

Rossi and Smiley have been trying to have a baby for some time but have faced a few roadblocks along the way. First off, Slade had to undergo a vasectomy reversal but after that, they were still unsuccessful in conceiving a child. After that, they began the IVF process which was also unsuccessful for a while.

In an interview, Rossi admitted that the couple lost 14 embryos in the first round of treatment and at that point, she was ready to give up but luckily, they stuck it out.

“There was plenty of times during the process that we were like, ‘Oh my gosh. Is this ever going to happen? Is this ever going to come to fruition? But I think that we’re so very grateful because had we not had IVF, we would not be sitting here right now telling you that we’re pregnant.”

The couple’s baby is due in July of 2019 and both Rossi and Smiley could not be more excited. They said that this journey to a baby has been difficult but it has also brought them closer together as a couple. And in addition to sharing the news in a few interviews, Rossi proudly announced that she and her partner were expecting a baby on her Instagram account.

The post has already gained Rossi a ton of attention with over 88,000 likes in addition to 5,200 comments, most of which are fans wishing the couple well on their pregnancy journey.

Congrats again to the happy couple.