Piers Morgan Criticized Meghan Markle & Thomas’ Family Drama But Forgets To Mention The Duchess’ One Request

Piers Morgan is back again with a new op-ed for the Daily Mail. His article last week detailed how Meghan Markle supposedly “ghosted” him after meeting Prince Harry. He called the Duchess all sorts of names, including “ruthless” and “self-obsessed.” Now, Piers is telling Meghan that she could become the “Queen of Broken Hearts” if she doesn’t reach out to her dad, Thomas, after his newest interview on Good Morning Britain.

“But cutting off me, a casual friend, is an inconsequential thing with no repercussions for her other than it annoyed me and I have various platforms to whine about it. Cutting off her Dad is on a whole different scale of emotional hell, as she must surely now be discovering.”

Piers also defended Thomas’ interviews with the media, saying “As to why [Thomas] speaks out in interviews, he makes the perfectly valid point that he has no other way of responding to the myriad stories about him, many of which are untrue and cruel.”

However, one more consideration must be placed into context — what Meghan and Prince Harry asked of Thomas. They wanted Thomas to stay away from the press.

Arguably, Meghan’s father was reportedly left without much guidance on how to stay away from the press. Piers said that “When Meghan’s pregnancy was announced, Thomas had seven paparazzi on his doorstep for the following week.” Thomas has also noted in the past that he’s had paparazzi stake him out — and even rent out the house next to him — to keep tabs on him.

It is also true that there have been many critics of the fact that the royal family didn’t lend a hand to Thomas — including Princess Diana’s former butler, Paul Burrell — per the Inquisitr. He previously commented, “I thought [Thomas] was vulnerable. I felt sorry for him and I know what’s going to happen. The world press are on his doorstep and now they want more. What’s next? Is [Meghan’s mother] Doria going to sit here talking about swapping knitting patterns with the Queen?'”

However, as time passed — and Doria seemed to manage fine without speaking to the press — some royal fans have become less sympathetic to Thomas. That’s not to mention that a source said that Meghan had actually reached out to her dad since the wedding and gave him a simple request, to not speak to the media, according to the Inquisitr.

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