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Will Meghan Markle Be The Royal Who Plucks Those Feathers From Their Caps?

Roz Zurko - Author

Dec. 22 2018, Updated 6:17 a.m. ET

Meghan Markle is a thoroughly modern woman, much like her sister-in-law, Kate Middleton, and late mother-in-law, Princess Diana. Slowly, over time, it’s been the women who have made the most impact when it comes to change in royal tradition. While most of the changes are small in the scope of things, the royal women have still managed to make these changes in a family steeped in royal tradition.

You don’t need a history lesson to see how Princess Diana changed the mode of dress for a royal princess, as she wore everything from royal tiaras to jeans. Kate followed suit of her late mother-in-law when it came to dressing in pants to evening gowns, but she went one better.

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It was Kate Middleton who made recycling her royal clothes a modern way of dressing. Labels mean nothing to the Dutchess of Cambridge, who is just as comfortable in a $50 dress as she is in a designer gown worth thousands of dollars. When Meghan came along, there wasn’t much for her to change as far as the royal wardrobe was concerned, or was there? She did go against the royal grain with bare shoulders at her first Trooping the Colour.

Bare shoulders went against royal protocol, according to Fox News. She also broke protocol by not wearing pantyhose during a photo shoot after her engagement announcement. More recently it was her dark nail polish that caught the eye of royal watchers. It is well-known that the queen does not approve of colorful nail polish.

So it looks like Meghan Markle has already made some changes in the royal mode of dressing. She joins Kate and the late Diana in their attire conquests. But there’s another tradition she may just do away with altogether if by some chance she can convince the royals to see things differently.

It is well known that Meghan is a true animal lover. Rumor has it that she’s already talked Prince Harry into sitting out the royal hunt for pheasant during the up-and-coming holiday. This is a royal tradition that William and Harry do every year, along with other family members as well, on Boxing Day. Harry was only 12 when he partcipated in his first Boxing Day shoot.

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According to, it’s reported that Meghan requested that Harry sit this year out. But chances are if Prince Harry does sit out this year’s Boxing Day shoot, it’s because he wants to spend time with his pregnant wife.

Whether or not Harry is missing Boxing Day this year remains to be seen. If he does bow out it might be due to Meghan’s strong belief that a pheasant shoot or any hunting is animal cruelty. Once more, she’s got a lot of folks on her side. Will Meghan slowly but surely make this Boxing Day tradition obsolete?

When this tradition started centuries ago, it was back in a day and age where not many people had concerns over animal rights. Could Meghan’s thoughts on animal cruelty, along with a good number of modern-day citizens backing the same ideas, make an impact on the royals? Will there come a time that Boxing Day turns into skeet shooting instead?

Each pheasant shot is more to the royals than just another feather in their caps. It’s a way to celebrate a centuries-old tradition. To Meghan Markle, it is the loss of a living and breathing life.

Who knows, this could become Meghan’s legacy within the royal family in the years to come. She just might be responsible for plucking the feathers right out of all the royal shooters hats! Meghan Markle may just yet go down in history as the royal who changed the traditional pheasant shoots into skeet shooting? From the sounds of it, she’s already convinced her husband. It looks like she’s only got a few dozen more people to go within the royal family.


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