Hundreds Around The World Send Christmas Cards To A 6-Year-Old Fighting Brain Cancer

Guschenkova Shutterstock

Six-year-old Jomari Bradley, of Cincinnati, Ohio, was living a normal, happy life just two weeks prior to being diagnosed with brain cancer. The boy was diagnosed with anaplastic ependymoma after doctors found a tumor on his brain stem. Since that devastating day, Bradley has had two brain surgeries and multiple other procedures to alleviate the pressure the tumor is placing on his brain. In addition, the 6-year-old is undergoing radiation treatments in hopes of fighting the cancer. Unfortunately, he has already become deaf in one ear and has impaired speech, according to People.

Although Bradley has been remarkably brave throughout the ordeal, his spirits were understandably low. He could no longer attend school with his friends, play sports, or engage in the activities typical for a normal 6-year-old. His mother, Doneshia Lee, was heartbroken seeing the toll cancer had taken on her previously energetic and happy son.

“I was scared and worried,” Lee says of the diagnosis. “I did a lot of crying because I wouldn’t think that my child would have cancer. He was okay two weeks before he was diagnosed.” She went on to say how hard it is to watch Bradley unable to take part in the activities he loves.

“It’s been pretty rough to see him not be a normal kid, a normal 6-year-old that just wants to go to school and play with his friends,” she said. “The future is a big question mark. I don’t know how long he will be here.”

In hopes of raising his spirits, Bradley’s uncle began to plan a holiday surprise for him. He reached out to the public through a Facebook post about his nephew’s condition and requested Christmas cards for the boy to lift his mood. He was shocked at the result of his plea. Within days, the child began receiving Christmas cards and gifts from generous strangers all over the world.

“We opened the card together. He got a little gift that came with it,” Lee recalls. “He was happy about that. Then the next day we got like 17 cards, then the day after that we got like 300 cards! Every day since then it’s been about 250 to 300 cards.”

The generosity brought joy to Bradley, and he began to look forward to the mail coming every day. Even with all of his suffering, opening the letters helped him feel loved and supported. Not only did it help him, but it encouraged his mother who is grateful to know that so many are thinking and praying for her son.