Here’s Who ‘Survivor’ Castaway Christian Hubicki Thinks Might Win This Season

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The hearts of many Survivor fans hung heavy this week when the flame of fan-favorite Christian Hubicki was finally put out by Jeff Probst during tribal council. While there are arguably a lot of big threats left in the game, Davie and Nick are two names that continue to come up in conversation as players to watch out for.

Speaking to Entertainment Tonight over the phone, however, Christian revealed another castaway he believes the players may be mistakenly overlooking and underestimating.

Mike White is a bit of a unique castaway as he has a celebrity status. Typically, a celebrity status gets you booted out of the game pretty quickly. Mike, however, has managed to fly under the radar with his. In addition to his celebrity status, his age also plays a surprising factor regarding him still being in the game.

Mike, however, wouldn’t be the oldest person to win survivor as Bob Crowley – who won at the age of 57 – currently holds that title.

For those who are unfamiliar with Mike’s background, he is both a writer and an actor. His writing credits include several of Jack Black’s films including School of Rock and Nacho Libre. Mike starred alongside Black and Sarah Silverman in School of Rock. He also had a role in the TV series Pasadena.

Christian believes the castaways could be underestimating Mike because of his background and it may be a mistake that costs them the game.

“I was very impressed by Mike, because I had been working with Mike secretly for a long time, where we would meet in the middle of the night, and he’d say, ‘Hey Christian, let’s just meet in the middle of the night, we’ll talk, and no one will ever know that we talked.’ And I was planning basically the end of the game with him, at least the version that we were working with each other. So I thought, ‘Hey, maybe he wants to go deep with me.’ But I was a long con. It was very well executed and very clever,” Christian explained during the phone call with Entertainment Tonight.

As those who watched this week’s episode know, Mike played a huge role in the reason Christian went home as he was not the primary target this week.

Tribal Council on the thirteenth episode of SURVIVOR
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“He’s such a beguiling figure that I think people would be wise to keep their eye on him, and not just assume he’s just this millionaire who doesn’t care about the game he’s playing,” Hubicki added toward the end of the interview.

The season finale of Survivor: David vs. Goliath airs Wednesday at 8 p.m. ET/PT only on CBS.