Blac Chyna’s Company, Lashed Cosmetics, Has Been Suspended By The State Of California

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Blac Chyna recently received lots of backlash for promoting a skin lightening cream called Whitenicious. But a new story reveals that Chyna may need to pay more attention to her own brand, Lashed Cosmetics, as the Blast reported that the company has been suspended by the state of California. Lashed received the suspension about a month ago because they failed to file a tax return. According to The Blast, the news was confirmed by a representative from the Franchise Tax Board.

Despite news of the suspension, the website for Lashed Cosmetics is still up. When a company is suspended by the tax board, it cannot continue to do business. The Blast noted that the suspension also means that they can’t close the business or take the matter to court. The suspension also comes with a $2,000 fine.

Complaints on social media reveal that some customers have been unhappy with the service they received from Lashed. One customer took to Twitter to complain that she had ordered lipstick from the website and hadn’t received it after a month of waiting. She also claimed that the website was down on the day she tweeted her complaint. Her tweet was posted on December 8.

“Please respond to my tweet immediately,” she wrote.

“Tried to call all of the contacts numbers you left on your website. None of the numbers was a working number.”

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The company also runs a “Lashed Salon,” which boasts of offering the “best quality customer experience” with “Los Angeles’ top eyelash technicians,” according to the website. But the Blast reported that the salon does not seem to be selling any of her products at the Encino, California location and described the salon as “practically deserted.” Neighboring shop owners said that the salon hasn’t been opened recently despite a “grand re-opening party” in September.

“Anybody opening up their own business, I would suggest they do everything the right way,” Chyna said during a tour of the salon in 2014.

Based on the news of the recent business suspension, it looks like she might not have taken her own advice.

The news of Lashed’s suspension comes as her rumored one-time nemesis, Kylie Jenner, looks to be expanding her makeup empire to eyelashes. According to a separate report from the Blast, Jenner has trademarked the name “Kylash” so that she can sell false eyelashes, mascara, eyelash extension fibers, and other items related to lashes. There’s no word yet on when she plans to add these items to her cosmetics empire.