Kelly Clarkson Responds To Viral Video Showing A Mother Embarrassing Son By Jamming Out To Her Music

At a recent University of Maryland basketball game a fan-cam caught a snippet of video that’s keeping everyone laughing. When Kelly Clarkson’s classic hit “Since U Been Gone” began playing on the loud speaker, mother and Terps’ fan Mandy Remmell couldn’t help but sing along, according to People.

Remmell launched into a passionate performance, belting out the tune and using her cellphone as a pretend microphone. Despite her 10-year-old son Blake pleading for her to stop, she couldn’t help but dance around in her seat as the crowd egged her on. Her son, visibly embarrassed, tried to push her away to no avail. He even pulled his hood over his head to cover his face. Not easily discouraged, his mother completed her performance to the cheers and clapping of the crowd. Meanwhile, Blake slumped as low as possible into his seat.

Maryland Basketball shared the comical video on their Twitter page, quickly gaining over 724,000 views. Mothers around the nation applauded Remmell for not being afraid to enjoy her moment shame-free. The video even caught the attention of Kelly Clarkson herself. Clarkson has nothing against playfully embarrassing her own children, River Rose and Remington Alexander Blackstock. She shared the video with the caption “This is my type of mama #kidsnothavingit,” along with plenty of laughing emojis.

Clarkson isn’t afraid to be herself, often getting out of her seat to dance on the Voice, where she is one of the show’s judges. Her enthusiasm often gets her a few laughs, particularly when she becomes starstuck by other celebrities. In January the singer was attending the Golden Globes and in the middle of an interview with Ryan Seacrest. She spotted Meryl Streep on the red carpet and became immediately distracted by her excitement at being in the presence of the actress. “Oh my God!” Clarkson screamed at the top of her lungs. “That’s Meryl!” Her outburst turned a few heads, including Streep’s herself. “Can I meet you?! I’ve adored you since I was like 8,” Clarkson gushed.

The singer was later a little embarrassed by her reaction, not realizing she had been on live television at the time. However, she just couldn’t contain her excitement. “I was humiliated when I watched it back,” she said. “I was very excited, and I hope I don’t lose that excitement, just being a true fan of people. But she’s Meryl Streep ya’ll! She touched my face y’all!”

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