The Cure Is Releasing A New Album Just In Time For Rock Hall Of Fame Induction

Robert Smith, the front man for The Cure, is known for his distinct vocal style and woeful lyrics. Generally regarded as an iconic figure in gothic rock and post-punk music of the 1980s, Smith has been making music for around 40 years. Their 1989 album, Disintegration, was declared the "best album ever" in an early season of South Park, while bands like Korn, Nine Inch Nails, and AFI cite The Cure as major influences on their music.

That influence has paid off recently, as The Cure has officially been inducted to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. While that news tends to land differently from band to band, Robert Smith is not only honored, but is ready to release a new album to coincide with The Cure's induction, according to a recent report from Billboard.

During an interview on a SiriusXM show, Smith revealed that the band is preparing to finish up a new album in approximately six weeks.

"Seeing all these new bands — I've listened to some of these bands and met so many of them that it's kind of inspired me to do something new. So, yes, we're going in about six weeks time to finish off what will be our first album in more than a decade. It's very exciting times for us all around."

The Cure's last studio album was 4:13 Dream, which was released in 2008. According to Metacritic, that album garnered generally positive reviews from music critics. The Times awarded 4:13 Dream four out of a possible five stars, while Allmusic only felt the album was worthy of two stars out of five.

To date, The Cure has sold approximately 30 million records worldwide with the help of singles like "Lovesong," "Let's Go To Bed," "Just Like Heaven," "Friday I'm In Love," and The Crow soundtrack opening song, "Burn."

In 2004, the band 311 covered "Lovesong," which was a major radio hit. Korn later collaborated with The Cure during their MTV Unplugged performance, coming together for a medley of the Korn song "Make Me Bad" and The Cure song "In Between Days."

Robert Smith is the only original member of The Cure still working with the band, but he has always been one of the primary creative forces since the band's inception. Smith did not provide a tentative release date for the album, nor did he give any indication as to what the album's title might be, but he does seem primed and ready to finish up the forthcoming record.