Mom’s Lip-Syncing Stint Goes Viral After Hysterically Embarrassing Her Son At A Game

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Mandy Remmell was so excited to take her 10-year-old son, Blake, to a Maryland Terrapins basketball game. But their outing quickly turned incredibly comical when the team’s “fan cam” broadcast on the Jumbotron caught Mandy’s antics and broadcast them across the auditorium — and eventually, social media.

But what was even funnier was how Blake reacted to Mandy’s impromptu concert. Blake plays basketball, and was so excited to go to his first Maryland Terrapins game, ABC 7 reported. He never expected his mom to become an internet sensation.

“Before this actually happened, and before it went viral, he said ‘I think I’m going to here to college’ and I said, ‘That’s a good idea.’ Then this happened, and I was like, ‘I don’t know that you’re going to go there now, buddy! Haha! You won’t live this down,'” Remmell said.

After Blake glanced over and discovered what his mom was doing, he was completely mortified.

“I was shocked that he was actually so embarrassed, but you know, when your mom is broadcasted on the Jumbotron making you laugh and sing, you get real scared,” Remmell said.

When superstar Kelly Clarkson’s iconic song “Since U Been Gone” began playing, Mandy began shimmying in her seat. Then she grabbed her cell phone, and began singing into it like it was a microphone. She turned to Blake and began serenading him. He swatted at her, then tried to slink away, covering himself up with the hood of his sweatshirt.


But Remmell was not about to let up now. Blake’s reaction fueled her on. She took her dancing to the next level — and he could not get away from his mom at all. The people around her were clapping and laughing hysterically.

Blake told ABC 7 that this was not the first time his mom pulled such a stunt. In fact, she happens to be well known for her ability to dance the worm.

“I know that she always does stuff like that. All the time,” he said.

As initially ashamed as Blake was, he quickly realized that his mom is now super popular after going viral on social media. Remmell admitted that she has had such jovial moments before.

“At the end of the day, life doesn’t have to be so serious,” Remmell said.

Blake had some great advice for other parents out there, too.

“If you do some things that are fun, then your kids will really like you. If you don’t do a lot of things that are fun, then they probably won’t like you that much,” he said.