‘Bachelor’ Contestant Amanda Stanton’s Arrest For Domestic Violence Leads To Dismissal

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Amanda Stanton can finally put her legal issues in the past.

According to Page Six, the Bachelor star’s recent domestic violence case was dismissed yesterday by the Clark County District Attorney’s Office in Las Vegas. Fox News shares that Amanda and her father were spotted outside of a Vegas courtroom on December 12, the same day that the charges were dropped. It was also reported that Stanton’s boyfriend, Bobby Jacobs, made the trip to Vegas but did not appear in court with her.

Stanton’s issues stemmed from an altercation with her boyfriend Bobby Jacobs while the couple was in Sin City in September. Stanton was there attending a bachelorette party when she and Jacobs got into a dispute in a hotel room in the wee hours of the morning. It was alleged that Stanton pushed Jacobs and first hotel security was called and then the police.

Once the cops arrived at the scene, there was enough probable cause to arrest Stanton. She was booked and then later released after a brief stay at the Clark County Detention Center. Following the arrest, a spokesperson for Stanton released a statement, saying that the reality TV star was incredibly embarrassed and sorry for her actions.

“Amanda continues to be embarrassed by her behavior and greatly regrets the incident ever occurred. She apologizes to everyone for the trouble she has caused and is very grateful for Bobby’s love and support.”

“Amanda is a gentle, respectful person who has never gotten physical with anyone under any circumstance,” the statement continued, before saying that that night, Amanda just got “a bit rambunctious.”

Though it was not felt that her behavior warranted an arrest, the statement also shares that the police were just doing their job.

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Shortly after the incident, Amanda entered a plea of not guilty to the charges of “misdemeanor domestic battery.” Stanton and Jacobs are currently still together and Amanda opened up about their relationship last month in an interview with ET, where she was attending Revolve’s 2nd Annual #RevolveAwards in Las Vegas.

Stanton shared that this relationship has been her first relationship in a while and she called Jacobs “a lot different” than anyone else that she has ever dated. Not only does Stanton like the fact that they live close to each other, she also says that they’re in the same point in their lives so it really makes the relationship work.

“We want all the same things and, I don’t know …it’s just very easy, which is nice,” she gushed.