Gisele Bundchen & James Corden Participate In An Adorable ‘Toddlerography’ Class

When the glamorous and gorgeous Brazilian supermodel Gisele Bundchen appeared on James Corden’s The Late Late Show, she knew the mischievous James would have something up his sleeve.

As one of the highest paid models in the world, the wife of New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady is also mom to an adorable son and daughter and has learned to go with the flow. That laid-back outlook definitely paid off for this comical sketch.

Health is of the utmost importance to the model/actress and her athletic hubby. Gisele has been forthcoming about the importance of breastfeeding and has emphasized how her family eats a primarily plant-based diet. As she made plans for her guest appearance on James’ show, he warned her to bring along some comfortable clothes.

James led Gisele into a cute studio where the two of them stretched on a barre. Then they took their place behind an energetic and adorable wee one decked out in a pink-and-black polka dotted vest, pigtails, and pink glasses. Who knew that this precious little girl was about to put them through a grueling workout?

They were about to engage in a new workout craze James calls “toddlerography.” This fitness routine requires celebrities to shadow the movements of a rotating roster of cute instructors who come up with the wildest and funniest moves for the stars to perform.

There are no squats, jumping jacks or planks during this workout. It’s more hip shaking, rolling around on the floor where Gisele nearly smooshed a little girl, and spinning around in circles. They roll their arms and flap their imaginary wings. One pint-sized person tried to execute the splits, but James hilariously excused himself from that part of the exercise workout. James warned Gisele that their workout might be incredibly hard before it ever began, E News! reported.

“Gisele, I know we’re both in amazing shape, but I’ve heard that this class is insane,” James said during their pre-workout stretch.

James called the instructors brutal, even crazy, and by the time they were done, both had actually worked up a sweat!

“You weren’t kidding. That was hard,” Gisele confessed.

These two stars had a terrific time moving and grooving to the peppy song. Check out the video above and see how hilarious this segment is and how hard James tries to keep up with the graceful Gisele and the exuberant toddlers leading their class.