Jerry Seinfeld Is Confident 'Brilliant' Kevin Hart Will Survive Oscars Controversy

Kathryn Cook

While Kevin Hart is still facing a ton of backlash from some controversial tweets from his past, there are many celebrities who are standing in his corner.

Jerry Seinfeld is the most recent comic to come to the defense of Kevin Hart. In an exclusive interview with People, the 64-year-old weighed in on all of the Kevin Hart drama that stemmed from some homophobic tweets that Hart posted to his Twitter account many years ago. Jerry doesn't think that the highly-publicized scandal will really affect Kevin's career, mostly because he's so good at what he does.

"Kevin is in a position, because he's a brilliant comedian, to kind of decide what he wants to do. He doesn't have to step down, but he can. And when you look at that situation, well who got screwed in that deal?"

"I think Kevin's going to be fine, you know. But finding another Kevin Hart, that's not so easy. He's a brilliant guy with a movie career," he told Willie Geist.

The comedian also shared that when he first started out, there were a lot of really dirty comics but they kind of had to change their routines if they wanted to make it on one of the late-night shows. He also pointed out that most comedians are expected to be agile about how they think and construct their thoughts but it's not always that easy.

"It's quite absurd honestly, I think we've gone insane."

A few of the tweets from Hart included the words "gay," "homo," and "f*g." And following all of the backlash — and the reported pressure that Hart received from the Academy to step down from hosting the awards — Hart released a statement, saying that he would indeed be relieving himself from his Oscar hosting duties.

No word yet on who will replace Kevin and host the Oscars.