US Grandmother Claiming To Be Princess Diana's Secret Aunt Now Wants A Body Exhumed To Prove Her Lineage

Rachel Tsoumbakos

Ann Ukrainetz, 75, a grandmother from Escondido, California, in the U.S., is now claiming she is the secret aunt of Princess Diana after hidden letters were discovered pertaining to an affair her mother had with Diana's grandfather.

According to the Sun, Ann is claiming that she is the illegitimate daughter of Maurice Roche, Princess Diana's grandfather. Her claim to fame has resulted from secret letters she has that claims her mother, Evelyn, had an affair with Maurice, 4th Baron Fermoy. These letters were discovered by Ann tucked inside an old music program. Prior to the discovery in 1999, she believed her father was Charles Rudderforth, a timber foreman.

"I am so sorry the birth of our Ann caused you so much pain," one of the love notes reportedly reads.

"I feel it too. I love you so very much. Don't worry, my Rose, I will take care of you always."

"I thought that was a little strange when I got older -- why am I bouncing around on this man's lap when he's the insurance man? He would always bring some little toy. I remember he bought me a bicycle for my birthday. I think it was blue -- a blue Raleigh bicycle. I just loved it."
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Francis' body rests in the U.S., so Ann figures it would be easier to have his body exhumed in order to prove -- or disprove -- this long-standing mystery.

"Francis is buried in New York so it would be easier for him to be exhumed and his DNA taken to see if there's a match. There has to be a match. They're not accepting me so we have to go further. I don't like to do that, I really don't want to do it. But they leave me no option. Just not even responding to anything is callous. I'm the kind of person that doesn't like to leave anything unturned and especially not something like this - it's almost like a theft of birthright."