‘RHONJ’ Star Joe Gorga Slams Jim Marchese For Saying ‘A Gay Son Is A Curse’

A former RHONJ house husband is stirring up drama and embarrassing current members of the cast. Jim Marchese went on an anti-gay rant saying that “nobody is born gay” and that “having a gay son is a curse” on social media.

And stepping up to call Marchese out is current star Joe Gorga who is standing with Bravo executive Andy Cohen to say that it’s Jim Marchese who is a disgrace. Over the course of days, Marchese went on a seemingly unprovoked rant against the LGBTQ community, reports Radar Online. Marchese says he was defending Kevin Hart who was recently fired from hosting the Oscars after past homophobic comments surfaced.

Marchese, who with his wife Amber was on Season 6 of the hit Bravo show, ranted about heritage and traditions, saying that a “gay son” would be a letdown, and that “liberalism is a mental disorder.”

“So true NO STRAIGHT MALE wants his son to be gay. A gay son is a curse that takes away your #family traditions #heritage #LGBTIQ is a parent’s nightmare that destroys families.”

He added that being born gay is like being born a vegan, it doesn’t exist and it is a choice.

“For those pushing the #LGBTIQ agenda show me a single credible study which links genetics. Being gay is a physical act derived in sexual deviance by definition. No one is born gay it is a lifestyle choice like being vegan. Get over it. You are.”

But Joe Gorga, husband of current cast member Melissa Gorga, and brother of Teresa Giudice, says that Marchese is demonstrating why he is no longer on the show.

“That’s what makes him shallow! He’s an embarrassment to the show, especially with that comment. I’m happy he’s off the show.”

Gorga added that if his sons were gay it wouldn’t change anything.

“If my sons were gay I would embrace them and love them!”

Bravo host Andy Cohen clapped back at Marchese saying that these views are perfectly “on brand” for the controversial lawyer.

“Sick. Pray for his poor kids.”

In the past, Marchese has been arrested for criminal domestic violence and taken off a domestic flight with accusations that he assaulted his wife Amber in what he described as “heavy PDA.”

People Magazine says that Marchese continued saying that the people pushing back against him were the real bigots espousing views about low birth rates in Europe.

“First: bigots are intolerant of others opinions. The comments below prove you are all bigots. Second, not one comment from a straight male who has sons. Third; Europe is importing muslim men because #lgtbiq has caused a crisis due to lack of children being born.”

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