Kim Kardashian Admits That Sometimes She Sleeps In Her Makeup To Make It Last Several Days

Jesse GrantGetty Images

Kim Kardashian West doesn’t believe in following the rules when it comes to makeup. Despite the fact that dermatologists have advised women to remove their makeup before bedtime to avoid skin damage and wrinkles, the 39-year-old beauty mogul told Busy Philipps that she will leave her makeup on overnight so that she can take advantage of it for another day, People reports.

Kardashian West appeared on the Busy Tonight show with host Busy Philipps on Sunday night to answer some fan questions. When Philipps asked her what she sleeps in, she responded that she sleeps in her underwear.

“I sleep in like, a thong and a little bra,” Kardashian West said.

She also told the host that husband Kanye West sleeps in nothing, or in his boxers.

Philipps responded that she would expect them to sleep in exactly that. After a few more fan questions, Philipps asked Kardashian West if she has ever accidentally slept in her makeup.

“Oh, all the time. Like even if I can’t have glam the next day, I’ll sleep perfectly and maybe I’ll redo my skin, but I try to salvage it for two days,” the Keeping Up with the Kardashians star told Philipps.

Unlike the answer about what Kardashian West said she sleeps in, which Philipps said “tracks,” the TV host responded that she was “shocked” at the news that the star doesn’t remove her makeup every night.

Kardashian West knows makeup. She launched her own makeup line called KKW Beauty in mid-2017 and she regularly does collaborations with her sister Kylie’s beauty line.

But just because she is a beauty authority doesn’t mean she is a rule follower. She has admitted in the past that she will leave her eye makeup on and sleep on a silk pillowcase so it doesn’t make her makeup smudge. She also says that she breaks the rule from dermatologists to avoid tanning beds. Still, the 39-year-old’s skin is flawless, so she is either doing something right or she has serious genetics on her side.

Kardashian West recently did a “makeover” for Philipps, turning the TV host into a Kim doppelganger, with a stick-straight wig, athleisure style clothing, see-through heels, and a Kardashian-style beat face. She even said that she’s done ecstasy like the KUWTK star has, but she says the drug didn’t impact her in the same way.

“I’ve done ecstasy,” Philipps explained. “I was a ’90s raver in Arizona. Making a sex tape literally never occurred to me on ecstasy. It never made me horny!”