Katy Perry Set To Play A Brief Virtual Cameo In ‘Final Fantasy’ Mobile Game

Rich FuryGetty Images

Katy Perry will be taking her musical talents to the virtual realm this Wednesday, December 12. The singer will appear as a character in Square Enix’s smartphone role-playing game, Final Fantasy Brave Exvius, for a limited time, according to Billboard.

A trailer was released this week to announce Perry’s cameo, as well as the release of her new single “Immortal Flame,” the new original theme song for the game.

The trailer showed Perry getting ready in the hours leading up to a performance of “Immortal Flame.” As she plays Final Fantasy Brave Exvius on her phone and takes photos with her dog, Perry begins to pixelate. The singer puts on a stunning blue gown and begins her performance before pixelating entirely — and teleporting into the game on her iPhone.

Throughout the trailer, a number of scenes from Final Fantasy Brave Exvius are shown. The game is a spin-off of a previous popular Final Fantasy series.

In the free app, players can choose their characters and battle other players — or complete quests to win prizes. Perry’s likeness will appear as multiple playable characters, GameSpot reported.

The mobile game also featured Ariana Grande in January 2017. Her song “Touch It” was remixed for Final Fantasy as a celebration of the global version having attained over 9 million downloads in six months.

“It is an honor for my Pixel Art character and for my music to be included in the new Final Fantasy Brave Exvius game, a mainstay in the Japanese culture, which I absolutely adore,” Grande said in a statement at the time of the collaboration.

This isn’t Perry’s first video game deal. The singer appeared in her own Sims 3 spin-off game — The Sims 3: Katy Perry’s Sweet Treats, in 2012 — where she became a playable character and sang her hit “Last Friday Night” in the game’s signature “Simlish” language, according to NME.

The singer also had her own mobile game, Katy Perry Pop, in 2015. In that game, players created characters who wanted to become professional singers. Perry appeared as an apprentice to the aspiring stars, and with her help, players made it to the top of the music industry. A bit of grinding may have been necessary in the process.

Perry’s collaboration with Square Enix marks the end of her very successful year. The singer became Forbes’ highest-paid woman in music this year, having earned $83 million thanks to her Witness tour — and her appearance as a judge on American Idol.