Deontay Wilder Says Floyd Mayweather Jr Is Jealous Of Him

The World Boxing Council (WBC) has gone ahead and sanctioned a rematch of last week’s drama-filled slugfest between “The Bronze Bomber” Deontay Wilder and “Gypsy King” Tyson Fury, according to the Independent. It is a fight that will be highly anticipated thanks to the sparks both men set off in the ring, but Wilder claims to know of at least one person who isn’t thrilled about all of the excitement their rivalry is bringing – and that man is none other than retired boxing king Floyd Mayweather.

Over the weekend TMZ caught up with Wilder to pick his brain on what his plans look like moving forward now that he’s become one of the sports’ biggest commodities – on the heels of the highest profiled thriller of his undefeated career. Wilder confessed that time is of the essence for him heading into his 42nd fight, and that he therefore endeavors to amass “generational wealth” for his family via a string of A-List fights. When asked whether he might be talking Mayweather money, Wilder scoffed that his earning potential as a heavyweight will easily bring him past The Money Team boss. And judging by Mayweather’s reaction to all of the fanfare surrounding Wilder vs. Fury, the WBC title holder says he can tell it bothers the elder champ.

“The world loved it – and I don’t think he liked that though […] He wanted all the attention on him, you know what I mean? And it’s just sad that it’s like that,” Wilder said before going on to declare that now that all eyes are on him, there will be “no more of that!”

Mayweather has become the target of criticism for some and the source of validation for others, after reports from publications like the Evening Standard alleged that he left the Staples Center disgusted over the bout being called a draw. While one judge had the fighters ending in a dead heat, and another had the Brit edging his American counterpart out 114-112, the controversial viewpoint of a judge who gave Wilder 115 to Fury’s 111 points did cause an uproar from a sector of fans. Many of them have since gone on to point to Mayweather giving the contest to Fury as confirmation that their own takes on the action were credible.

Meanwhile, a clip that shows Mayweather being interviewed after the fifth round seems to have played a part in triggering Wilder’s belief that there were some sour grapes there in the front row of the arena. “Wilder is depending on one big shot. As a fighter, you have to use other weapons. Fury is using combinations, has a very fast jab. If Wilder don’t do nothing else, Fury will win if it goes the distance,” Mayweather is reported to have replied.

Mayweather, at that point, had Fury winning every single round that had passed.