’90 Day Fiance’ Alum Darcey Silva Coos With ‘Freaky Lips’ In NYC

90 Days Fiance: Before the 90 Days star Darcey Silva didn’t walk away from the show a bride despite giving it her all. What she did walk away with was a famous face, as people still can’t seem to get enough of her today.

Darcey is one of those reality show cast members who polarizes the fans as they either love her or detest her. Even those who troll the mother of two from Connecticut seem to enjoy Darcey’s constant show and tell on Instagram. Darcey posts many pictures of herself, but most of those photos offer a side view of her face taken from an arm’s length away.

The 44-year-old has honed in on the selfie, both in stills and videos. After Darcey Silva and Jesse Meester parted ways, she took to social media with a few pictures of good-looking British businessman Tom Brooks. According to Soap Dirt, these pictures spun questions like “are they or aren’t they engaged?” Pictures of a diamond ring on a finger and some rather cryptic messages posted by Darcey led the fans in that direction.

Nothing ever became of that campaign that kept the fans guessing. Now that it’s done and over it looks like it might have been a ploy to get Jesse jealous. The one thing that was constant for the longest time after Darcey and Jesse parted ways from their 90 Day Fiance relationship was her infatuation with bashing Jesse.

Jesse was tasked with answering all kinds of questions from fans after Darcey would post something rather negative about him online. One of the most talked about was a video she made when attending the kick-off party for this season’s 90 Day Fiance show. She is in the back of a limo with another cast member from a previous season. In the video, she’s making comments about “Dutch boys” and their manlihood, but she never mentions Jesse by name.

Jesse would take to social media and basically say Darcey needs help. He also describes how she falsely represented herself when she first made contact with him online. On the 90 Day Fiance “Tell All” segment, Jesse said that he only saw old pictures of Darcey Silva from decades ago, which is what she sent him before they met in person.


Today Darcey’s latest campaign seems to come with words of love and beauty. “Inner beauty and fashion never fades!” is one of her latest captions on a selfie. Another selfie video of Darcey that’s caused quite the reaction online is seen below.


Fans are suggesting this clip is rather “creepy” as she just seems to coo into the camera. One fan wrote how they are “no hater” but they would much rather hear how her day is going than watching her making “duck lips” for the camera. Another fan said she had “freaky lips” in the video clip above. Does Darcey invite these negative comments when posting something like this?

Well, it looks like Darcey’s leaving Jesse alone for now, but her fans are urging her to post something more informational than her attempt to make love to the camera.

One thing is for sure, it doesn’t look like Darcey Silva is going to fade away anytime soon. She’s remained pretty popular and it looks like that 15 minutes of fame she gained from 90 Day Fiance has stretched out a bit today.