Jennifer Aniston Admits To ‘Dying On The Inside’ After Befriending Dolly Parton

The musical drama Dumplin’ hit Netflix on Friday, December 7, and Entertainment Tonight recently caught up with Jennifer Aniston and Dolly Parton to acquire a little inside information.

For those who are unfamiliar with the title, this newest Netflix original movie tells the story of a former beauty pageant queen and her plus-size daughter. Initially, Aniston’s character’s daughter signs up to join a pageant as a form of protest. What she didn’t expect was for other plus-size teenagers to follow behind her, creating a revolution of sorts in the small Texas town pageant.

Part of what makes Dumplin’ so unique is none other than Parton herself was asked if they could use her music as the soundtrack for the movie. Moreover, Dolly was also asked to write a couple of additional songs for the film.

According to Dolly, she was “very honored” at the opportunity and “more than happy” to write additional music for the film.

The interviewer then shifted over to Aniston to ask how it made her feel to hear Dolly refer to Jennifer as her friend.

“I’m dying on the inside,” Jennifer said as she explained you couldn’t see it, but she was overwhelmed with emotion by the friendship that had developed and the time she got to spend with Parton.

“It’s just been pinch me exciting,” Aniston added as she coyly covered her face with her hands.

During the production of this movie, Jennifer even had the opportunity to sing back-up on the song “Push and Pull.” Dolly complemented Jennifer noting that she “did a good job.”

Parton explained that Jennifer “walked in there like she does anything else, like a pro.” While Dolly did recall Jennifer being a little nervous, they were able to work through it and everyone was really happy with the end result. Jennifer recalled singing through her nerves and bursting into tears when they finished recording.

The Entertainment Tonight interviewer also pressed to see what Parton thought about Aniston’s accent in the movie. Dolly knew Jennifer was nervous about the accent and had no idea whether she did a good job with it.

Parton revealed that she went to see the movie with Jennifer during the premiere. At one point in time, she leaned in and reassured her that she did a great job. Both women remember Aniston letting out a sigh of relief, as it was one of her biggest concerns following the release of the film.

Dumplin’ is available for streaming on Netflix.

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