Ariel Winter Shows Off Big Weight Loss, Flaunts Trimmer Figure During Outing In Los Angeles

The actress has been on a weight loss journey over the past several months.

Ariel Winter poses on the red carpet.
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The actress has been on a weight loss journey over the past several months.

Ariel Winter’s weight loss was on full display as the actress flaunted her much-trimmer figure during an outing in Los Angeles this week.

The Modern Family actress was photographed running errands this week while wearing a black crop top and dark jeans that showed off a very different figure. As the Daily Mail noted, Winter has been steadily losing weight for the last six months or so, and the results are really starting to show.

It’s been a long journey for Ariel Winter, who has opened up about her struggles with negative comments directed her way and her often misguided desire to make everyone happy. In an interview with Elite Daily, the actress said that she has learned to accept herself for who she is and realizes that she is a role model for her young fans.

Winter said she realized she would never be able to silence all of her critics or make everyone happy, so she needed to focus only on bettering herself for her, not for anyone else.

“Over the years, I’ve struggled with body confidence issues,” she said. “It’s really important nowadays to empower young women — and young men… to feel really good about themselves, not only their appearance, but to feel good enough to stand up for themselves when necessary.”

That is showing in the trimmer figure Winter has been sporting lately. While it’s not clear exactly how much weight she has lost, pictures taken in recent weeks show a significant difference from just a year ago.

Ariel’s fans have been very supportive, with many leaving comments on her Instagram page encouraging the actress and praising the progress she has already made.

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Ariel Winter’s weight loss has earned her quite a bit of praise in the media as well. A number of celebrity news outlets have shared pictures of her trimmer figure, including Life & Style, which even published a slideshow of her new look.

“Next time you’re feeling lazy this holiday season, use Ariel as inspiration and put your health first!” the report noted.

Ariel’s new look hasn’t come easy. The actress has instituted a strict workout regimen, even sharing some videos of her intense workouts on Instagram.

And Ariel Winter hasn’t been shy in sharing off the results of her hard work. The actress showed off her figure not only on Instagram, but in photo shoots, including a recent skin-baring cover of Composure magazine where she rocked a revealing dress.