Ariana Grande Takes Her Grandmother To Get Tattooed At Age 93

Ariana Grande delivered an emotional speech for the ages during her acceptance of the Woman of the Year award at Billboard’s Women in Music ceremony on Thursday, December 6. Then she saddled up with her ageless grandmother in tow so that they could cheer the evening up by each getting a piece of artwork done at a Brooklyn tattoo parlor, Cosmopolitan reports.

As headlines attempted to capture the essence of Ariana’s bittersweet declaration that 2018 has been one of the best years of her career, albeit the worst of her life, the “Sweetener” singer was laughing her tail off with her cellphone aimed at the expression on her beloved “nonna” Marjorie’s face. Images and a recording have since circulated social media to show the 93-year-old widow maintaining full composure as she watches Mira Mariah of Fleur Noire engrave late husband Frank Grande’s nickname “Ciccio” across the inside of her ring finger.

“You don’t know what pain is,” InStyle magazine quotes Marjorie as having replied to concerns being voiced by Ariana, her mother Joan, brother Frankie, and the family. “I feel fine… I’ve had a little bit more excitement than this,” she’d insist.

While documenting the occasion of her nonna getting her very first tattoo done, Ariana sat with an arm uncovered and hanging limp by her side so as to allow the latest piece she got done to dry.

Many of the 138 million fans who follow Ariana on Instagram would later get a first look at what the Inquisitr would report to be the 29th piece she’s had done on her since 2012. Whereas in the past, she’s gone to Mariah for the bumblebee that Billboard reported on her getting in honor of the Manchester Arena bombing victims, and the Spirited Away portrait on her forearm, this time Ariana had the Williamsburgh-based artist put a large moon and small sun on the back of her hand.

The image is somewhat reminiscent of the smaller and less animated crescent moon that she got placed beneath her ear in solidarity with one of her backup dancers back in 2015. It also happens to be similar to the celestial mash-up she appeared in public with on the side of her foot only one month ago.

“For the woman of the year,” Mariah captioned a photo of the piece that she published to her own page. She added a sun and a moon emoji to fittingly compliment the Billboard-inspired text.

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