Ariana Grande Tattoos Her Hand, Flaunts New Piece On Instagram

Ariana Grande flooded Instagram with so many tributes and pictures from her preparation in the hours leading up to an appearance at the 2018 Billboard Women In Music celebration on Thursday, that it was easy to overlook the post in which she introduced her latest tattoo on Friday morning, December 7.

Ariana kicked the sharing spree off by giving her 138 million followers a peek at the lilac-colored loofah Page Six reported on her wearing to the New York City function. The “Thank U, Next” singer eventually moved on to putting up a couple of more sentimental images, with thoughts honoring Patti LaBelle beside a pic they took together at Pier 36, in addition to the acknowledgement of the support one of her male besties has been providing her in another that she posed for.

Ariana has since removed those two posts, but per Billboard, the most emotionally driven of them all, which the pop superstar delivered in the form of a long winded note on how much appreciation she has for what Republic Records chairman Monte Lipman has done for her career, is still up. So too remains a snap that she captioned with words of gratitude for her beloved pooches, Myron and Toulouse, and footage she posted from behind-the-scenes of her new song.

“[Sorry] for the spam. Promise I’m never posting again after this,” she wrote along with the addition of the video. It was a closing that brought Ariana full circle from a pic she had earlier posted of her placing a silent finger to her lips. Fans were able to get a good view of the half-moon she had apparently just had inked onto the back of her hand, thanks to the way her wrist was angled in the picture.

Some fans questioned whether the artwork was real given its minimalist appearance. But she followed it up by captioning the very next post, “pre hand tat photo.” What’s more, photos captured by Cosmopolitan show the 25-year-old songstress in the tattoo parlor with her grandmother, who appeared to also get her skin stamped in solidarity with her famous granddaughter.

For the record, Ariana actually happens to have a couple of celestial symbols on her body already. Fans may recall her getting the outline of a crescent moon below her left ear as a compliment to her song, “Moonlight,” in 2015. And only one month ago, she got a moon done once more, this time along with stars on the side of her left foot.

According to the website arianagrande.wikia, Ariana’s latest trip to the tattooist gives her the 29th piece she’s had done since getting her first tat at age 18 in 2012.