Jennifer Aniston's Gal Pal Says She's 'The Glue' That Holds Their Friend Group Together

Kathryn Cook

In keeping with the theme from Friends, the show that launched Jennifer Aniston into superstardom, it turns out that she's also an amazing friend in real life.

Recently, the actress sat down for an interview with Elle to promote her upcoming Netflix movie titled Dumplin'. During the interview, Aniston talked about everything from babies to her past marriages to why she relates to her most recent film. But it was something that Kristin Hahn, one of her best friends, said about her that really has people talking.

Like her character Rachel Green in the hit show Friends, Hahn claims that Aniston is an amazing friend to all. Hahn, who produced Aniston's upcoming film, has been friends with Jennifer far before she was famous. As she explains, she and Aniston met when Aniston was just 19-years-old. The two ladies attended a barbecue in Laurel Canyon while Jen was visiting her dad. At the time, Jennifer lived in New York City so it was fate that the two would meet.

"I remember it vividly, just turning around and seeing her and feeling like she was a long-lost sister of some kind, and not wanting her to leave," Hahn says of their close bond. "We just embraced her and we all became each other's family and really helped each other. The show Friends was definitely kind of a parallel reality to our real lives."

"They don't know what to do. They don't know where to go. They don't know how to eat. They don't know how to socialize."

"I think I probably got that from my mom, who always had her girlfriends over," Jen says. "I picked it up from my childhood—just always hearing girls in the house and learning how to make a good cheese board."

Aniston and Hahn are lucky to be in the same industry where they get the opportunity to work together from time to time. Hahn wrote the movie Dumplin' and also produced it alongside Jennifer Aniston. Pretty cool.

The movie is now available to stream on Netflix.